Mobile App. Idea Ranking

Here is the first Google Form, to get direct feedback on which features are the biggest priority to all of you! This idea is still in its early stages, and there will likely be many more forms following this. If there is a feature missing, feel free to comment and give feedback; keep in mind this form is not for new hardware. I will share the results after a week or so!

Update! I will be sharing the results early next week, please be sure to share your thoughts in the form if you haven’t already. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!


good start @nick_at_blink You are awesome and quick!

Awesome just completed!

Great stuff! Now this is how feed back should be. Just completed mine.

Done :slight_smile:

@nick_at_blink Great idea! I think this will help with prioritization efforts. Glad this is pinned as well.

Thanks for the survey but I am a bit concerned about seeing 1080p as a question there. The product pages make it sound like 1080p is something that is already on the way and I wouldn’t have expected to be dependent on a survey, I hope that was not false advertisement.

Hey @bertanaygun,

The survey is purely to see how important certain features are to all of you. There are things on there that are absolutely on our road map, and other ideas that aren’t even being considered right now. 1080p is a priority, as is fine tuning the sensitivity on the XT camera. The implementation of these features is not necessarily dependent on the survey, but the survey acts as a way to better engage all of you and see what is most important.

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Done thanks

Done, excited to see what you roll out on the future.

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@nick_at_blink you mentioned you’d update us on the results?

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Hey @marktheknife,

You are absolutely right. I’ve waited for a couple reasons… the first is I’m not sure how to best present that data. There were a lot of results, so I’ve been thinking, I will post the data for maybe five that received the most support, or the ones that seemed the most surprising/interesting. The other reason I’ve waited is because we are still getting votes, and I wanted to wait for it to slow down before sharing!

I will get to posting that later today though… stay tuned!

Updated… sorry i didn’t get to posting the results today, should have those by tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience!


Dedicated iPad app (It’s time!!!)

+1. We need iPad and desktop browser versions (hopefully local and not cloud/Internet based).

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I just ordered my Blink XT today (1 camera for now, and then the remaining 9 to fully replace my Arlo Pro system, once I know it can replace them and cover my needs), and am already seeing great stuff in this community.

I mean, first day, and I already get to vote on how important potentially upcoming features would be?

The more reason to dump Arlo.

Unfortunately that vote was well over a year ago, and that was the last time it occurred. Of the five items in the survey, four have yet to be implemented.


Wao, just my luck, because I didn’t look at the date.

Back to “hoping” this is the way out of Arlo.

Thank you for pointing it out.

Having just taken the survey, because I didn’t know about it before, there are several features that have already been implemented, not just one. I didn’t count, but I would guess about 5.

Sorry, it’s been so long since I took the survey I can’t remember how many questions there were.

But I was referring to the five features that @nick_at_blink displayed in pie chart form in another thread that was linked to above.

Blink Mobile App Form Results!