Mini Camera Failed To Connect

I have two fairly new outside cameras and two new mini’s. They have been working fine for a month. One of the camera will not connect to the Blink network.

My wifi is excellent, so it’s not that. I downloaded the suggested app RouteThis and passed with a very good score. I have reset the camera multiple times and we make it all the way to the end where you put in your wifi and password. That works until it tried to connect to the Blink network. All my other three cameras are connected and work fine. This one mini disconnected and will not reconnect. I call support, waited on hold and finally it asked me to leave a message.

I believe that I have a defective unit. Are there any known issues or fixes for this behavior? Support is supposed to call me back. We shall see.

All set. Another mini cam user suggested turning off cellular data during set up. I did and it connected properly. Because I had previously did a reset on the camera, like before it updated the firmware and then added to my system. Weird but glad it worked!