Mini - auto IR (nightvision) mode errors and not detecting motion

I made several tests the last days. But it seems that the only switch that prevent the IR-Error is the Switch „IR-Mode OFF“. But if you have movement in front of the Blink Mini every 2-3h (at night) the Blink mini working without an error. But if nothing happens for more than 3-4h in front of the Blink Mini (at night) the IR LED is on and the Blink Mini seems dead and is not recoding anymore. If you go than to „Live-View“ the BlinkMini makes an „klack“ an starts to working again without errors. I escalate it to the blink support and get the answer that these guy will send the problem to the developer. So it would be a good idea if you will create also an ticket by the blink support. You can do it from the app. I ordered now a second Blink Mini to check the IR Mode with a new Hardware.

Sorry for not updating this sooner, I have been working with tech support at a higher level it appears… and for a week or so now It’s been fixed. For me at least. They pushed a beta firmware update to my cameras and it’s fixed the issues. So I would think the a widespread release would be very soon??? Not great that it took a ■■■■■■ Amazon review to get them to work with me… but in the end at least it’s being fixed. Hang in there guys.

What’s the firmware release number they have ya on?

Yesterday the blink mini has the Version 9.62 and this Version has the IR-Error. Today blink install in the background the Firmware 9.63 and i hope that Version will fix the IR-Error. I will test it next night with two different blink mini cameras. Please update your blink mini also and post the result of your test here. Thanks a lot. Regrads, TiMo

The IR-Error ist NOT fixed with the firmware 9.63 on my both Blink Mini. Can you also confirm this?

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Have you heard anything new? They are still saying it’s a known issue and working on a fix is the last general update I got from support.

Hello bone,
I get the same answer that the support is working on it. Please post here if the error is fixed on your blink minis.
Regards, Timo

Im having the same issue, it didn’t even record people going into my apartment to do work ridiculous!

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I am having the same exact problem. It takes a ton of motion to get it to finally kick in and start recording in the morning if I forget to disarm it. That just makes me wonder what all it is missing. I am not terribly worried about it cause if someone makes it in and I wake up, they’ll have to worry about an AR15 in their face, but still. What about when I’m not home?!

Same here. Using as a baby monitor sort of, to ensure my 4 year old doesn’t try to scale the gate and go downstairs in the middle of the night in a new house. I have it set to auto arm at night and disable in the morning. It detects motion great all night once armed, but when she wakes up in the morning and starts wandering around it does nothing. I was thinking it was having trouble switching out of night vision; this confirms it. Super annoying, I need this to work in the morning.

I talked with Blink tech support on Monday 07-13-2020.
(I’ve had two Blink Mini’s for about 5 days).

After I described the problem (the subject of this thread), the tech immediately told me that this IS known problem, and that a firmware fix was being worked on ‘as we spoke’. He did not give an ETA, other than ‘soon’ He said - I think - that the firmware would be ‘automatic’, and I think he said there would be an notify email.
He said the issue is that … the Mini has a problem ‘coming out of night vision’. In effect, it ‘locks’ up when trying to switch back to daylight (in Auto mode), at which point it’s froze (with red light on), resulting in no further motion detection. (sorry I cannot seem to get rid of the BOLD below, not sure what happened.

He further said the best way to ‘unfreeze’ it was to Disarm, then re-Arm the camera (once in daylight).
This DOES work.
Note: the Mini DOES detect motion during the night and record video. But once daylight arrives, it freezes.
I have two Minis and both exhibit this issue. Firmware is 9.63


Nicely detailed. I’m sure that will help many. Thanks.

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I’m having the same issue, I originally bought 2 minis to add to my two XT2’s that i own. The minis were trouble right from the start. I thought it may have been a bad batch so I ordered 1 more to see if it worked better. All 3 minis freeze every dawn while the XT2’s are fine. I even took them out of night vision mode but they still all lock up when the light changes. If i disarm and then rearm each camera or just go to live view in the morning they start to record again but I have missed all the action between dawn and when I wake up. Im waiting a while longer to see if new firmware will fix them but if its not out soon im just going to return them within the 30 days. Does anyone know if there is a beta firmware or the release date for the version that is supposed to fix this ?

Per my post above, not ETA or mention of a beta.
Pretty serious problem, rendering the units mostly useless at the moment.
Unfortunate, because these cams are pretty cool.

First post here - come on Blink this is a serious flaw, cameras practically useless on 9.63 as they are. We need a fix!

I talked with a Blink tech again yesterday (07-24-2020).
He indicated that a fix was in final testing and would be forthcoming soon.

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Note … I did NOT bold the above text !

Hello again - thanks for your endeavors.

We really do need a fix for this, and at very least right now, an ETA for the fix, as ‘soon’ just frustrates the hell out of everyone.

Come on Blink, an Amazon Company, give us some kind of update. It is we, the more technical users, that report these issues in the first place and its what makes your products better, so the least you can do is keep us up to date.


I totally agree. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP !

I’ve been following this thread from the start, when I thought my Mini’s misbehavour was a hardware issue. Night-time motion detection is a must for my application, so I was not prepared to wait for a firmware update that may remedy the problem sometime - and paid out on more mature competitor product for about the same price. Hopefully the Mini can be brought back into service soon…