Mini - auto IR (nightvision) mode errors and not detecting motion

So I only have a sample size of 1 day, but so far there appears to be a huge bug at least with my 2 new blink minis. Motion detection works when armed during the day, it works during night, but this morning at like 10 am (after being armed all night) I’m literally jumping up and down in front of them and they aren’t detecting me. I also noticed that the IR appeared to be on… and I’m telling you like I told support, it was plenty bright in my house, they did not need to be on. So to me this is an error of the units not auto switching back in to day mode and also not detecting motion detection.

Anyone else experience this? I emailed support but as is usually the case, they didn’t listen to what really happened and of course offer up solutions that have nothing to do with what I experienced.

I have mine auto arm at night and I manually disarm them in the morning when I get up… that way I’m “protected” no matter when I wake up. Lot of good it does me if they can’t properly handle transition between night and day and if they don’t detect a armed gunman dancing in front of the cameras…

I have two XTs and they work fine, these new minis not so far…


Have since recreated multiple times and made videos to send to blink… please do not rely on these blink Minis until they are fixed.

If you’re worried about the reality or even the remote possibility of an armed gunman in your home, why did you go cheapazz and buy a super low end camera called Blink Mini?

Was there a blinking green light on your camera?

Obviously I was being facetious about the gunman… but point is this is their 4 generation camera… shouldn’t have bugs like these.

And no, It was not in motion retrigger delay.

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Nevermind bugs, a 4th generation wired camera shouldn’t have battery cam features.

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Here’s the real question
After Blink’s total screwup when XT-2 first was available, why on earth would you be an early buyer for their next product…mini indoor?

Did people forget, did they not do research, do they not care because mini price is so low? Who knows. I learned a long time ago, never buy a first year model. Cars or cameras, it doesn’t matter

2 weeks later, still no update and still broken…wtf??

Same here. The mini seems to work for abit when first armed and then stops. My Xt2 are fine. So far this is a waste of money and is giving Blink a bad rep.

Can add my name to the list for having the same issue.

i have the same Problem with my BlinkMini. But i find a workaround to solve this problem.

If i disable the Infrarot LED „Nightvision“ it seams that the Blink mini is working the completed night without an error and recording if the cam detecting a motion in front of the cam. So it seams it is only an error of the auto ir mode. So can you please test it to switch of the „Nightvision“ and send your feedback here for the community. I am not sure but it might be possible that the Point „Status LED“ ON / OFF / Recording have also something to do with the error of the IR. But to check it i need the help of the community. Please try different setting of Status LED an post your result here. Thank! Regards TiMo

So I have two of them setup in two different rooms and I setup an xt2 next to each as well to test… same light conditions, WiFi strength, etc… I have also seen that it seems to be something with the ir… in the morning after I have freshly enabled them the night prior it seems like the red ir light (Or some status indicator) will remain on With the camera not recording anything… the xt2 will be tripping and recording flawlessly. If I disable ir and renable it or access live feed or such it would seem to let it start working again… so first thought was maybe it has a hard time transitioning between night and day or such… If I turn ir off entirely it won’t pick up any motion at night.

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I made several tests the last days. But it seems that the only switch that prevent the IR-Error is the Switch „IR-Mode OFF“. But if you have movement in front of the Blink Mini every 2-3h (at night) the Blink mini working without an error. But if nothing happens for more than 3-4h in front of the Blink Mini (at night) the IR LED is on and the Blink Mini seems dead and is not recoding anymore. If you go than to „Live-View“ the BlinkMini makes an „klack“ an starts to working again without errors. I escalate it to the blink support and get the answer that these guy will send the problem to the developer. So it would be a good idea if you will create also an ticket by the blink support. You can do it from the app. I ordered now a second Blink Mini to check the IR Mode with a new Hardware.

Sorry for not updating this sooner, I have been working with tech support at a higher level it appears… and for a week or so now It’s been fixed. For me at least. They pushed a beta firmware update to my cameras and it’s fixed the issues. So I would think the a widespread release would be very soon??? Not great that it took a ■■■■■■ Amazon review to get them to work with me… but in the end at least it’s being fixed. Hang in there guys.

What’s the firmware release number they have ya on?

Yesterday the blink mini has the Version 9.62 and this Version has the IR-Error. Today blink install in the background the Firmware 9.63 and i hope that Version will fix the IR-Error. I will test it next night with two different blink mini cameras. Please update your blink mini also and post the result of your test here. Thanks a lot. Regrads, TiMo

The IR-Error ist NOT fixed with the firmware 9.63 on my both Blink Mini. Can you also confirm this?

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Have you heard anything new? They are still saying it’s a known issue and working on a fix is the last general update I got from support.

Hello bone,
I get the same answer that the support is working on it. Please post here if the error is fixed on your blink minis.
Regards, Timo

Im having the same issue, it didn’t even record people going into my apartment to do work ridiculous!

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