Make blink cameras work on ring neighborhood app

Amazon owns both Ring and Blink. Why not make the Ring neighborhood app compatible with Blink cameras ? No brainier


@nick_at_blink you had asked if there was any interest in sharing neighborhood videos. As @JDC said…could it be possible?
This story ran tonight on our local news:


After looking at the Ring app adding blink compatibility should work if Blink and Ring engineers would add blink camera profiles,link blink user profiles, user module profiles to the Ring app and servers . Require blink users to use their blink logins to log into the Ring app and neighborhood app.

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FORD owns Lincoln. GM owns multiple brands. So does Volkswagon. The reason they don’t share everything is you would kill sales volume.

Ring is separate from Blink on purpose. Multiple income streams to keep Amazon investors happy. Remember, it’s always about the money!

Ring Neighborhood is just a sharing platform. I have the app on my phone and as long as I upload my Blink video to Youtube or my phone…I can upload to the Ring community app.
It would be nice to have a sharing ability from the Blink app to the Ring Neighborhood app.
I’m I overlooking something?

Hi All,

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it is certainly a great idea!

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Should be easy. A camera is a camera. Link the blink user and camera profiles into the ring servers. Do a firmware update to all user modules and cameras transferring the ring passcodes to all blink equipment sold to users.Look at as extending ring server storage to all the Bink servers. It would be a cost saving to Amazon to operating one server instead of two.


Amazon is a very big company, with many different divisions/product teams.

In my experience (albeit not in the IT field specifically), technical/engineering barriers are often much easier to overcome than the many logistical/political/communication issues that are likely to come up as well.

Major up vote on this suggestion. I’ve got Blink cameras, and would love to have integration with the Ring Security System.


I noticed a Ring Sharing icon on top of the video clip roll area. You’d still have to down load your Blink clip to your phone then you could share it to the Ring Community via the icon.
I think this is the only way to do it.

Yes! Please find a way Integrate to add Blink videos without downloading from Blink first and then uploading to Neighbors!

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My new XT2 shows RING logo at top of screen. Does that mean it can ‘easily’ sync w RING ?

No, not at this time. But you can click on the ring icon and create a ring account even if your don’t have a ring door. You will then receive from ring all alerts around your area.

See post by @Mark_Griffith above yours, quoted below:

How do you share blink videos on the ring neighbors app. I dave to my phone and then try to upload but it says, “error uploading your video:non baseline avc video profile is not supported by android os actual profile_idc:100”
Please help!


I just got Blink cameras. After the app install, I got a prompt for the ring neighborhood app.

That is a completely different situation! These two items could increase each other’s sales by making them compatible and work more efficiently. Your analogy does not apply.

Not in your head it doesn’t Bun in my head it makes perfect sense.
Welcome to opinion. They’re like belly buttons, everybody has one.

Not opinion ,fact.