MAC or IP address of sync module

Is there a way to determine the IP address or the MAC address of the sync module? There are multiple devices connected to my router which have not “named” themselves (i.e. they only have the MAC address and IP address showing). One of them is the Blink sync module but I’m not sure exactly which one.

@sidka The MAC address is printed on the bottom of the Sync Module just under the serial number. The MAC addresses for cameras are located on the label in the battery compartment.

Blink Technical Support

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How about without breaking our necks on a ladder. Through the mobile app or web app. is there a way to see the ip or MAC address for each camera?

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Yes, this information should be available through the app. The devices have to have the MAC addresses to operate, so it’s simply a matter of adding the menu item in the GUI. Not only is it a benefit for the users, but now that it has been suggested it is a liability to the company to not implement it.

Well you’re right that it’s easily available, larume84’s desktop app proves that. Not that it needed proving, but he does pull the information through, making it easy to find.

I use it periodically, and find it useful. Of course it’s not official, and there is always some associated risk using something that’s not from an official source, but I’m happy that it’s safe enough.

Yeah, I can confirm that a lot of information is available.

I wrote my own Blink desktop client developed in Java to view my sync module and camera info. I also ported it in to my own custom Home Automation Android app.


Nice job. :+1:

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Thanks sutty! Some of your posts have been very helpful when I was developing it.

Here is my own Android app:

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Great stuff. That really does look nice work. Only wish I had such skills.

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