Low Light Recording

As a user of Blink XT cameras, I am frustrated with the Low light control. Night vision section of config has night vision, which is the IR control, but not the colour/BW sensor. The application I have has foreground objects which when the Ir is on washes out the background. I want to see the background, which I can if the Ir was off, and the camera is in BW mode.

Ideally, I want the camera to record in BW with the IR off. Currently, when the IR is off the camera operates in colour mode.

You are correct, those are the limitations with Blink camera and the mobile app.

The solution you didn’t mention is…why not record at night in color. Well what you have to do is turn night into day. You do that with auxiliary lighting via flood lights. Those flood lights can be visible to human or stealth style lighting. For stealth, google IR flood lighting for security cameras. Then pick always on at night or motion detection turns flood light on.

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Joels advice is perfect. And it is what I do. Between Solar lights and hard wired lights, 8 of my 9 cameras stay in day mode all the time. It does not take a lot for these cameras to have a solid image at night. …

One the one camera that is not in day mode, its on a side of the house I dont want to flood a neighbors windows with light, so I got some IR lights instead, which helped spread the IR light, and give a good even image, even in the background.

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Thanks for the advice. I understand. Hope Blink can add some simple config, or change architecture for next device. To allow for this.

I’m not entirely clear I followed your problem, but if you want black and white, without IR illumination, simply put some black tape over the IR illuminator.

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