Loud Noise

I’m hearing a loud noise from one of my cameras on both records and live feed. Its very annoying and to the point where you can’t make out the actual audio. I moved the camera to a few different locations but the issue persisted. Anyone else experience this issue and have a resolution.

Hey there,

We would love to help troubleshoot this issue. Any chance you could send us a motion clip so we can better listen to the problem?
To do this, please start by going here:

And filling out a support ticket. Include the motion clip with the ticket submission if you can.


@Will_at_Blink I created a ticket four days ago and no one has responded. So I just created another ticket and attached a video. I’ve already done tons of troubleshooting and its clear to me the camera is not functioning properly.

Posted a new case. Blink responded by telling me to move the camera closer to the sync module and wifi. They totally ignored where I told them I tried the camera next to two other cameras and was still having the same issue. I’m 100% sure its a hardware issue, now I just have to convince them of the same thing.

Hi - I DM’ed you so we can go into more details about this issue. Lets get to the bottom of this quickly.


Hi @julian_at_blink, there is still background noise with the camera although now its not recording any audio.

Hi @goody1017 - I responded to you via DM. I didn’t see your response to my last question.


I had the same problem recently with one of my cameras. I reported it to Blink, moved the camera to a different location to determine if that would have any impact (it did not), recorded a clip from the “moved to” location, and sent it to Blink. They very quickly acknowledged a problem with the camera, got my mailing address, very graciously sent me a replacement at no charge, and sent a postage-paid label for me to return the defective camera to them. I was very impressed with their action and support.


I’ve done they same thing but they keep wanting to troubleshoot the issue.

Hi @goody1017

I have been trying to work on this issue with you. One of the really great things about this forum is that members of Blink’s development teams are able to directly communicate with Blink customers. I lead the Firmware team here at Blink and I would like to understand why you are having an issue. At one level, I want help you with your problem - but as one of the people responsible for the quality of the Blink product, I also want to be sure that others in the Blink community don’t have the same issue.

If you would prefer to communicate directly will customer service - please go to our support site (http://support.blinkforhome.com/).


This has happened to me a second time with a different camera. It isn’t ambient noise. It’s a static sound within the camera that is loud enough to block out any real sounds that may be taking place around the camera. No, I haven’t reported it via a problem ticket.

what is there address I can’t find it anywhere,googgle nope

Sorry, I don’t know.

I found it.Thank’s

Goody - was your issue resolved? I’m having a similar issue. So much background static and a “whirring/ticking” sound that I can’t hear the audio.

I still experience the problem periodically with the same camera, which is the camera Blink sent as a replacement as I mentioned earlier in this thread. It happens when I change batteries. And yes, I’m using the right kind of batteries. When those batteries die in a couple of weeks (high traffic, vulnerable area), I replace the batteries and it goes away. For whatever reason, it’s a periodic problem with this camera. Since we have to replace batteries so frequently, we’ve gotten used to it.

I got two camera from amazon for blink and having the same problem… both the camers have a high pitched sound with live or recorded view … plz someone help or I am returning it as I am well in my return period

consider working directly with tech support before you return it.

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Also consider just putting it in the middle of a room, just for a test, near your sync unit and router, so it still works, but so that it is away from any potential direct sources of interference, such as being mounted right over a mains cable in the wall, near a transformer, or fluorescent fitting, or similar.

Seeing as they are battery powered, it’s an easy test to perform, and it might point to some local interference, relating to your mounting position.

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They will just tell him to take the batteries out and put them back in. Stock answer for all questions.