Loud noise coming from the Camera


So I just got these cameras and I’m hearing loud noises when its video recording. They aren’t mounted anywhere but one is in my bedroom and one is just sitting outside on the windows ledge, I try to lower the volume but it just keeps resetting itself back to default where its around on a scale 1 to 10 around 8. why is the volume resetting itself back to 8? Firmware 7.67

Just to clarify, is it screeching during a motion recorded clip or live view?

If it’s only in live view, make sure you’re not near the camera while testing it. If it’s still present, Do a full reboot of everything:

Unplug the sync module
Take the batteries out of the camera
Reset your router
Let them all sit for a couple minutes
Hook everything back up

Hi… live view and I think its because of all my technology I have around it Computers. The screeching seem to be stop when I place the camera away from my computers. These units pick up sound like super good but loud

I think it got to do with the volume wouldn’t go down and it’s staying at a certain position, why can the volume level go where I like it at?

Are you sure the screeching isn’t simply feedback from your phone/device? When it does it, just try walking out of your room, near the camera, to a distant room, and close the door. You may have to click continue on live view as you go, but if the screeching fades away as you get into the other room, then it’s feedback.

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If you’re referring to the volume slider on the camera’s menu, that’s only for the speaker volume for the talk feature, not how loud or quiet the clips are.

Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Your settings are all saved, and you won’t have to set up again.

Yes, I think you’re right, it does seem better like you say.

I will give what you say a go as well but I think I will mount them first to get the best results. Now to find a good place to mount them

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Same issue. Screeching feedback. Troubleshooting with Blink tech for almost an hour didn’t resolve. They sent a replacement and I still have the same problem with both of my blinks. They are in totally separate locations. I read that this has been an issue for a few years and not resolved. Unacceptable. At this point they are useless to me and will be returned.