Locked Camera setup

I’m looking to buy third hand “2x Blink XT2 Camera Setup with another sync module”.
The Seller bought this off someone else secondhand and is selling as they don’t know the account details the cameras where setup with… How do I get them unlocked so the can be added to my current setup please? If not then I will not purchase.

I would skip it. 2nd hand you can’t use it without the original account holder deleting info. 3rd hand no way you can use it.

Now you’ll read threads about blink tech support unlocking them, but I believe you would be too far down the pipeline of ownership to get a unlock blessing from blink. The 2nd hand owner cant get them running for obvious reasons.


Thanks for the reply. Clearly the cheap price shows the issue!!

Running for the hills!!


Kudos to you for researching before you bought. Seller can’t make it work, you won’t be able to either.