Location based arming/disarming

It would be great if we can get a timeline for adding lication based arming/disarming feature, please see post beliw from June 2016.

June 2, 2016 at 1:16 pm
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for your interest! This update only offers scheduled arming, however location-based arming is still a feature we plan to introduce in the future!


The Blink Team

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Hi @bassal,

Thanks for your comment. I can’t speak to this specific feature, but because we are a small team, and we have multiple projects going on at once, it can be difficult to give a definitive time for the release of certain features, or products. If unexpected issues arise, or priorities change, some projects can get temporarily sidelined to make room for others, so it can be difficult to pinpoint a specific time.

I really think this feature would be so useful. It is a feature offered by the HOMEBOY wireless security camera I have and makes arming and disarming so convenient!

Year old thread. Doubtful.

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You can already do this using a combination of IFTTT and Stringify. For example as I leave the house and go to Away mode I have the internal Blink cameras arm automatically and the external cameras 5 mins later to give time for me to leave the area. They are all disarmed automatically as I return to my home location.

I am sorry to say that I just uninstalled all my blink cameras due to the following:

  • lack of 2 step verification of accounts which puts all customers at significant risk in this day and age
  • lack of location based arming/disarming which previously obliged us to use IFTTT and other location based services to compensate for the lack of this functionality
  • Concern with confidentiality related to who of Blink’s have access to recorded clips, we have noticed that requesting a deleted clip to be restored involved simply asking support to restore them which raises the question about confidentiality

What significant risk were you under as a result of no two stage verification? I’d be under no risk if I quoted my personal Blink credentials live in this forum. Not that I’m recommending this, I’m just pointing out that my family and I would be just fine if someone had my Blink credentials. They’d soon be very bored if they spent any time watching, and I doubt any average joe would have the ability to track down where I am from my Blink credentials, or video feed. Then what, calculate my movements, disable my account, and then rob me in the absence of my system. What other risk might you be referring to?

IFTTT and Life 360, were a piece of cake for me to implement, after having found out about them in here, and it works flawlessly for my geo fencing needs. Not sure why you would return it, when it can do what you need, albeit with a teeny tiny bit of additional effort.

Confidentiality has nothing to do with their ability to restore a video to your account. It has been stated many times in here that no staff have access to view any videos. Just because they can restore them, doesn’t mean they can view them. They cannot, unless you do not trust their director of customer services, who has stated this repeatedly.

Can’t think why you would uninstall it, but it’s your choice.

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Also it’s considered poor form on must message boards to post the same exact thing in multiple threads.

Hi folks, I hope this is the right forum channel to post — I’m a new Blink customer and recently installed the XT2 system (the new 3-pack) and it seems to be working relatively fine.

However, I’m accustomed to my Nest and SmartThings apps that know when we are home and not home (using our iPhones as the trigger when we enter and exit the geofence).

I can’t seem to find this in the Blink app — did I not look hard enough, or is the geofence-based auto-arm and disarm feature in the works? Thanks in advance for any insights and timelines. Cheers

Welcome to the forums! There have been more than a few posts on this subject so I suggest you do a forum search. However, the short answer is it cannot be done using the Blink app. Is it in the works? Who knows - Blink is forbidden by Amazon to discuss their road map. My gut feeling is that it isn’t as there is only a small (albeit vocal) group that have requested this feature.

Greetings! Cool, thanks for the warm welcome, and I had sorta guessed that this was a relatively common question; didn’t see it on initial searches (I’ll try more keywords next time!) and I appreciate your kind response. Fingers crossed they’re able to figure out how to do this, since just about every other home automation platform has this feature. I wonder if I can chain together some kind of IFTTT recipe from a system that does detect presence and feed that into Blink. Hmmmm… anyway, thanks again!

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It can be done very reliably with IFTTT and Life360. If you try IFTTT alone you will be disappointed. Their native geolocation is poor. Life360’s is good, and if you make your own IFTTT applets for arm and disarm, based on your Life360 location it will work well. Search, and you will find this info in the forum.

If you struggle, post back and someone will help with more detail.

+1 for IFTTT. Several ways to do it, both nest and SmartThings can be your geolocation triggers, or you can also use Life360 as @suttyblink mentioned. I don’t recommend using IFTTT’s native geolocation service as the trigger, in my experience is terrible, and others have said the same thing when I brought it up in the past.

Cool, thanks to you both! Really appreciate your quick responses and encouragement. Onward we go! Cheers

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YES, PLEASE ENABLE/ADD LOCATION AUTOMATIC ARMING TO THE XT2 so that when you leave home the camera/s are armed, on return they are disabled!!

Why can’t the blink app use my phone’s location to arm/disarm the system? I give other apps permission to use my phone’s location so I don’t see where the technical difficulties lie.

Clearly, you’ve never written software.

Everyone’s great idea is alway “easy.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Blink is kept very basic because of its price point. Want more features and benefits, buy Ring or a different brand that Amazon sells.

Now making the huge assumption that Blink could even implement successfully extra features and benefits…they wouldn’t give it away. Now the price point changes higher. Now the low ball entry level price is gone. Amazon isn’t that stupid.

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Or are they? I doubt they are going to be able to sustain a bare bones feature motion activated cam at $90ish range for the long run.

Chill out Wyze guy. LOL.

p.s. say hello to http://www.neumannsbar.com/ for me. I don’t get to St. Paul anymore. But I do drink plenty of Hamm’s still. So much so, I had a black bear on my XT cam last year.