Local Storage sorted out yet?

Anyone figured out If local storage will work like the cloud? Will we be able to view in the app? Share videos?

Been away from the forums for a while, just curious if there was an update. Still looks like to me, its only saving once a day…

I am not getting messages my free cloud storage ends in 28 days…

Wonder what will happen…

You already know what we know. Aka no updates other than the free cloud trial keeps getting extended. My guess is the making Blink customers pay for cloud storage is a big marketing test. Aka not enough people willing to pay = lost Blink sales. Buy something else as there are way too many brand options available now.

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Interesting they updated all the local storage info in help over the last week or 2…

Local Storage FAQ

What is Local Storage?

Local Storage is a Blink feature allowing a Sync Module 2 to save imagery from Blink camera systems onto your personal USB drive between 1GB and 256 GB in size.

How does Local Storage Work?

When your system is attached to a Blink Subscription Plan or free trial
Your clips are stored in the Cloud and Clip Backup is enabled by default. This provides a once-daily download of new motion clips and recorded Live View sessions from the Blink Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), and Mini cameras. You access Clip Backups by Safely ejecting the USB drive and inserting in your computer.

When your system is not attached to a subscription
Local Storage saves motion clips directly to your USB drive. These clips are viewable in the Blink app, where you can also share or delete them. Viewing motion clips from your USB drive through the Blink app can take longer than when you view clips from Cloud Storage. Your clip’s loading speed is affected by the Wi-Fi network upload speed where the system is installed.

Sync Module 2 Local Storage Operation

How to use Local Storage

Blink allows you to save clips onto your own USB drive inserted into a Sync Module 2.

  • The USB drive must be from 1 GB to 256 GB in size.
  • The USB drive must have more than 375 MB of free space.
  • If needed, you are asked permission to reformat the drive when it is first inserted.

Your Primary Storage Type changes how the USB drive operates

Cloud Storage from a Free Trial, or purchase of a Blink Plus Plan subscription:

  • The Sync Module 2 saves all new clips in a once-daily Cloud Backup on the USB drive.
  • The most recent backup time is shown in the Blink app under the Sync Module’s “Local Storage” section.
  • To view or delete clips, you must move the USB drive to a computer.
  • Cloud Backup can be turned off in the Camera Settings screen.

Local Storage when the camera system is disconnected from any subscription or Free Trial.

  • Camera system imagery is saved directly to the USB drive in a Sync Module 2.
  • Motion clips from up to ten Blink Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), Mini, and XT2 cameras are saved.
  • Local Storage clips are viewable in the Blink app Clip List.
  • Clips can be deleted from the USB drive using the Blink app.
  • Live View sessions can be viewed but not saved.
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That update is a perfect example of theory vs. reality. What’s interesting is how they keep stubbing their toes via mistake after mistake with new product releases. Nobody here has posted yet how it really works without the free subscription because…they keep extending the free subscription.

Or think of it this way…buy sync module 2 WITHOUT a free trial subscription and let it know how it goes for ya.

I may just grab a Sync 2 just so I can first hand see WTF is up, as those that say it works for local storage have been mistaken and using the trail and not the USB local.

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i thought about it too. But why spend the money to confirm and report back here a product that obviously isn’t ready for prime time operation as reported already by many others.

My motto is don’t spend money too look like an expert, Remember Blink is using your time and your money for free so you can provide community forum help desk support for free . Welcome to social engineering. I’ll always remind myself, looking somewhere between an idiot to not quite an expert is…FREE.

I can tell you right now… it still works like before. Once a day randomly saving to the usb… guess I am gonna find out for real in 26 days. :slight_smile:

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You can save videos to your camera roll in IOS. Choose share on the video screen. At the bottom of the share screen select save video and it will end up in your camera roll.

You can share on iOS or Android this way, that doesn’t really have anything to do with local storage, that’s just saving a video to your device direclty.

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Local storage doesnt mean your phone, it means saving them on the synch module 2.

I’m gonna guess you get a free trial extension just like everyone else has.

The entire thing is a gimmik. As without a subscription you could ALWAYS save your video clips to your phone. Your phone is indeed a local storage device. You can share those video clips also. The problem is you have to download and share one video clip at a time. Sync module 2 gimmick feature is now it does the download automatically in batch processing once every 24 hours.

The rub is now you have to sort and delete files on a thumb drive instead of on a cloud server. Not much of a labor saver if you ask me. But hey, people demanded local video storage so Blink gave em what they asked for.

I have gotten like 4 extensions already. I now get this warning in the app. Which coincides with their updating the help section on the web site with new local storage info. So I’m assuming this is it for extensions… and if truly works like how it says it will in the new updated help…just like cloud storage…and the only thing I lose is live recording… I am good with that. I just doubt it will work like that. :slight_smile:


Don’t bet on losing live recording. That would be a deal killer for way too many people.

it would be ok with me, ive never used it.

Local storage does not work. The motion clips that are saved point to different videos, deleted videos. I can reproduce on demand. I’ve called, talked with customer support, sent them screenshots and followed their debugging requests which included deleting all cameras and then re-adding them (pain in the rear, removing 6 cameras including climbing latters, re-adding them and then setting up detection zones after getting them positioned). System is pretty much useless with local storage.

Yet it works just fine for others. Hmmmmmmm.

The ladder thing is Blink’s fault…not. When you delete a camera, you get an email that tells you a camera was deleted. Within that email is the serial number of the deleted camera. No ladder climbing needed

This is your first post. Are you a troll, a Blink hater, or just a shitpot stirrer.

No troll. First post because others need to know about this problem. I can reproduce on demand. Yea should have used the serial numbers and added them by hand instead of QR coding each one. Didn’t think about.

I can post pictures that I sent to blink support that shows the problem and can reproduce it at will.

The comminity thread is so sparse there hasn’t been any useful information to follow up on or a reason for me to post.

Also, you can’t delete multiple clips at a time in local mode. Only one at a time during view.

Also, although I will search the threads again, I haven’t seen a single post with folks using local storage successfully. This thread started April 5th and not one mention of useful local storage use.

Have you even used local storage. I see you post on live recording and that isn’t available on local storage for sure.

If anyone has this working, lmk. I havent’ seen a single post across this community where it works. I just got another extend trial from them because they haven’t had anyone but me try. And try with no success. I’d like to chat with anyone that has local storage working.

my free trial runs out in 9 days, I wont know til then, but I am assuming my experience will be the same as yours. I would love to see some photos of what your experiencing

@suttyblink has it running, has posted plenty about it. Others have also. All you have to do is use the search function to find them. You have to wade through lots of posts however.

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