Local storage integration?

Would it be possible to add a way to let the cameras store footage not only in the cloud, but also on local SMB or FTP storage, similar to what Netatmo Welcome does?

I have a NAS running 24/7 anyway, and getting the camera footage stored locally would be great… (and would also help with the “View on a PC” topic)


Yeah this is one of the items I’d love to see happen. I try to download a clip to my phone and it won’t appear anywhere until 30 minutes later. It brings up a notification that says “download complete, tap to open” and then nothing happens. There’s a USB port but supposedly it’s useless. For some reason they decided to put one in there but not make it usable, can’t understand that logic.

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The unusable USB port needs to be activated to use a USB portable drive storage and or WiFi USB adapter. Both would be nice. I vote for the USB storage.


I HIGHLY doubt any of these popular companies out right now liked Nest, Ring, Blink, Arlo, are going to be willing to do that when they can make money off subscriptions.

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I agree.

As a consumer I would probably use such a feature if they supported it.

But if I ran a cloud-connected camera company, I’d probably charge people for cloud recording storage space.

I believe some people pay several hundred dollars a year for the various add-on features that Nest offers, including more cloud storage.

There’s a trade off between the benefits of a camera like Blink and the conditions they can impose on use of the product.

In my case, totally wire-free trumps local storage of video. If i cared more about local storage, I would have setup a PoE camera outside (but then I’d have to drill through a wall and route the wiring).

This works out the box with the newer Arlo Base Station, just plug a USB Drive or USB HDD in the back, check the settings, format if necessary and all ‘triggered’ recordings are also stored locally (does not store manually triggered recording locally for some reason).

It makes no difference if there is a subscription or not IMHO as Ring and Nest do not have a Base Station anyway so nowhere to plug anything in right! Arlo already give you this service out the box so there is no reason that Blink cannot do this especially as they do not even offer a Subscription service lol…

Oh and it is functionality to complement any subscription should there be any, they would not give you the service instead of a subscription right. So again, there is ZERO reason for any of these companies to not offer it…

EDIT: Just to add, Arlo actually give you this option even without a paid subscription so between the only 2 viable solutions where you can actually plug in local storage Blink is the only one still not offering it. Sorry to say your argument holds no ground :wink:

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When I installed my blink system I put my base unit on battery backup along with my internet equipment thinking that it would be solid at that point. However, last night, my internet company shut down service for a few hours (5 or so) which means that we had no security cameras recording anything.

I would really like to have, at the very least, an add on device that would store video locally when the servers can’t be reached. Then, when the servers can be reached again the video could be automatically uploaded. Perhaps utilizing the USB port on the sync module would be a good way to do this.


Let me add to the discussion because this in my opinion will lead to a class action against Blink. When they came to market and advertised, they stated the local storage feature would be coming “soon” to the Blink solution through a firmware upgrade. It’s one of the main selling points and features that made me choose their solution. Now almost 2yrs later and like many a sizable investment, they have yet to add this feature. I’ve asked them multiple times and only am told it’s coming. This isn’t difficult to do, it’s enabking the port and a small amount of code. So in my opinion Blink falsely advertised this feature as coming and lied in an effort to gain customers. I love the solution, but this honestly ticks me off. Accountability is critical when your courting consumers. So, let’s go Blink, meet your commitment here.


I have emails from about 2 years ago where they told me it was coming soon also

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I emailed customer support last night asking when local storage would be available as it was an original promise that it was on the way a year ago or so. Support said that local storage integration is not in their plans at all anymore which is heartbreaking. I really wanted to love this system but if there is no local storage for backup purposes (like Arlo Pro/pro 2) then this set up is not worth the money and will be returned.

I thought that it was integrated by now which is why I bought the system. Shame on me for not going deeper into research though.

This system does have a lot to offer and I am really excited to see how they will do under Amazon, but I’m definitely returning this as the extra $400 for the five camera Arlo Pro 2 is worth it for me solely for the local backup.

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I also bought it because they said local storage wad conning. I think I am Judy over the return period. They have conned me. I also bought it because it uses AA batteries. However that does not matter without local storage. I certainly will not be expanding my system.

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Shame on me for trusting a reputable company to hold up to their word

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I wish I new what it would take for a class action law suit for reimbursement

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Ebay, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Verizon, Online Banking, Yahoo, Netflix, Roku. These are all cloud based apps with cloud based file/data storage. Millions of people including me use these every month, every week, and many of them every day. There is no local file storage nor is there a need for it. Cloud servers with all the redundancy are way more reliable than that hard drive sitting in your home/office.

I keep telling people the promises of the past died when Blink got a new parent company Amazon. Cloud computing, virtual servers, etc. Is your future. It’s the main reason Google Android is killing Microsoft Windows.

There is a need for local storage if your internet goes down and local storage is configured as back up.

I am not against cloud storage, I want local storage backup in case there is an issue with the cloud, or the internet goes down.


How are those two things related?

I think that would be a waste of time and money.

Buy a tech product for the features it offers at the time you buy it. Not for features that the company says will be added at an undisclosed time in the future. Otherwise you are just asking to be disappointed.

Using AA batteries allows me to use rechargeable when no electricity is available I can recharge from solar. Using local storage allows me to use these with no ISP available. That is how they are related.

What country are you from?

No electricity and no Internet/isp is not an issue for more than just a few hours in USA. Less a natural disaster, war, chicken little the sky is falling down, or the 2nd coming of Christ aka the end of the world.

With over 1 billion users I don’t think Microsoft are too worried just now.

Facts are facts.

Windows based sales of new computers is falling quickly.