Live view not workin

The Live View function is not working. The sync module is connected to Wlfi and I have a strong signal, but no live view. I have reset the the sync module, replaced batteries and deleted and reinstalled the app, nothing has fixed the problem.

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Contact Blink customer support. Here we can offer little other than you have already tried, because we’re all just users, like you.

I am having THE SAME EXACT F PROBLEM!! :triumph: & I’m away from home!! PLEASE HELP! I checked for updates within the app, & in my phone general settings for the app& deleted the app, as Blink Tech/ troubleshooting while away from home… & the end result… NOT WORKING! PLEASE HELP!!! Also the snap picture is NOT working either! :sob::sob: It Keeps saying “System is Busy, please wait” … there’s full connection to WiFi & I have both sync module & camera plugged into outlet source so they won’t die. I purchased these cameras literally 72hrs ago… not pleased that it’s failing within the first 3 days??? This is a MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEM! :sob::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: