"Live view in progress, please wait"

I have 5 cameras. I use to be able to pull one camera, select a “live view”, close it, move on the next camera, do the same, etc. In other words, I could cycle through each of my 5 cameras and briefly watch a “live view”. Now when I do that, I get the “live view in progress, please wait” message when I go to the next camera, and then have to wait several seconds before that message will go away and the “view” will load. Very frustrating, and never use to do that. Anybody have any answers for this issue?

Thanks, aloha.

Quite normal really. Only access to one camera at a time.

I would check my internet speed. It may have deteriorated over time. I would also check my signal strengths for the sync module. I think you’re getting a lag of some sort. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

See original post; not a matter of accessing more than one camera at a time.

Lag does depend on wifi as @ronsec suggests.

Wi-fi signal and sync module signals typically are at full strength on all 5 cameras. I did very recently add wi-fi extenders to improve our signal on one side of the house/outside. That also improved the above signal strengths on the 2 cameras farthest away from router/sync module. Regarding internet speed, per an Xfinity “speed test”, my numbers are: 329/12 Download/Upload.

Sounds about right. By the way, how old are your batteries? Weak batteries cause a lot of “weird” problems. The battery strength indicator in the app is notoriously inaccurate. The next step would be (in my opinion) to contact tech support. They can look at your system remotely and advise. They may also have you download an app, run it so they can get further info. Sorry, I forget the name of the app.

Thanks for the input. I’ve read about the inaccuracies of the battery indicator. My batteries are only about 2 months old, but I plan to go ahead and replace them this weekend anyway to see if that clears the issue up.

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Well, I think I’ve discovered the problem. I disconnected my recently installed wi-fi extenders and that, for the most part, has alleviated the problem. Which seems odd to me, I would think the wi-fi extenders (which did improve our wi-fi coverage) would have improved any “lag” problem, not created one.

Good to hear!

Well, the problem has returned. So much for the wi-fi extenders creating the issue. I installed an updated modem/router from xfinity today, hoping that would clear up the issue–nope. So frustrating, had always, until recently, been able to simply and quickly toggle through my 5 cameras for a quick “live view”. Not anymore, now repeated, and I mean repeated, “live view in progress, please wait” messages.

Sadly, it might be time to say goodbye to my Blink system and give another product a try. This issue, combined with the inability to do a “live view” when a motion detected recording is occurring may result in “irreconcilable differences”…

I have the very same issue as well as getting “video stopped unexpectedly” error messages…and I have had these issues on a semiregular basis since buying the cameras both while being away AND inside my home. I think it is a flaw in the app because it gets worse with each update.

Mine are having the same problem when they didn’t use to…