Live view failure on one of my cameras

When I try to view Live View on one of my cameras I get a 'live view failure ’ pop up. Signal strength 5 bars both wifi and module.

Try reseting your modem/router and sync module. See if that does it.

Well it is now working again - will try again tonight to see if it was a day/night issue - not sure why but we’ll see.

I have found resetting the Router, Camera, and in my case extender sixes the problem. Just a refresh of everything. Of course that doesn’t help is you 3,000 miles away on vacation, but what can you do.

What you can do is power both the sync module and router from a cheap smart switch. Simply add a schedule to the switch to power it off for a few minutes, and then back on, in say 15 minutes time. Once the router comes back up, after say 20 minutes, you can re-establish connection to the smart switch, and remove the schedule, so it won’t happen again the next day.

I got a switch capable of doing this for under a tenner from China on ebay, £8;50 if I recall correctly, carriage paid. Not that I’ve needed to reboot my somewhat remote Blink installation, maybe 50 miles away, but if I need to, to get it working again, I now have a method.

Confirmed, it’s only not working at night. So I would think this is a faulty camera. Not even a year old. Live view works during the day. However at night it will not work.

Try illuminating the scene, at night, so that the camera thinks it’s day, and see if the live view fails. If it fails then, when not trying to use the IR illuminator, then your issue is likely something other than the camera, because it won’t even know that it is night, if the scene is well illuminated.

Also, and perhaps easier, turn off IR illumination, in settings, and see if live view fails at night. Again, if it fails with IR off, then something else is causing the day night conflict, such as a router setting that turns off internet or sleeps your router, during quiet times, etc.

If it works with the IR illuminator off, in either of the above examples, then the issue might be low batteries. They show good, (the indicator is notoriously unreliable) but replace anyway, just to be sure. I note that you have IR illumination set to high. That will immediately place a large load on failing batteries, that could push them over the edge.

@BOGY: It may very well be the batteries. The cam works fine during the day but the batteries don’t have enough power to energize the IR illuminator. Ignore the battery condition indicator, it’s next to useless. You can verify this by waiting til it gets dark, then turn off the IR illiuminator. Do a live view and see if you get at least a very dark grainy image. If you do you know it’s the batteries. Good luck!

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Thank you all for the advice. The camera is definitely having issues at night. Not just with live view but recording as well. It just clicks on off on off on off. Repeatedly. I will replace the battery tomorrow and see if that fixes it. The camera is not even a year old. Pretty disappointing. 1 out of 4 not working isn’t bad I guess but I would hate to purchase a replacement. Will update tomorrow night…

When I turn the IR illumination OFF the live view works. Its completely black obviously but it works. Also the camera triggers when motion detection. So, I guess it is the battery? Will change out in the AM.

Really sounds like a battery issue. As @suttyblink mentioned, the battery indicator is unreliable, mostly because of the way the lithium metal batteries in the camera discharge. If that indeed solves your issue, a year on one set of batteries is actually pretty amazing, IMO.

If it is clicking, then I can almost guarantee it is the batteries. I hope so, and fingers crossed for you.

Repeated clicking is exactly how my first set of batteries went out, and the indicator showed good. Replacing the batteries rectified the issue without any additional intervention.

I’m with Mark, a year is amazing, and longer, which is possible, in very low traffic areas, is sensational. I got six months out of mine, on my most used camera, and my others are all still going strong at around 7 months. One camera I take a snapshot every week, and that’s all it does. On that I am expecting well beyond the two years. When I roughly estimated my usage, I decided that I was probably using 4 or 5 times what they classify as average use, so my six months was entirely consistent with their battery life claims.

Let’s face it, you can get those batteries for a dollar or so each. Say three dollars for both, per year, barely registers as a running cost at all. Personally I was delighted with that result. Here in the UK I could only find the batteries for £1.25 each, so my six month running cost was £2.50. About the cost of a reasonable cup of coffee.

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Yes it was the batteries. I put in fresh AA batteries. It worked! Ordered some lithium batteries in the meantime. You are correct. Battery indicator reads OK. Thank you all!


All four of my cameras are failing…

I am having the same issue. Everything seams to be working and I am getting the arming notifications but I cannot connect the live view and there are no new clips

Have you tried any of the things in the 14 posts above yours? Let us know what you’ve tried so we may better help you. Good luck!

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Just to update. I replaced the batteries and everything works fine now. The only questions would be why did the battery indicator read as being fine?

The reason the battery indicator is inaccurate is that the Lithium batteries don’t fail gradually. They run along and then just go bad. Alkalines decrease gradually and are easier to monitor.

Brand new camera only worked for a few hours. Now I am getting live feed failed error. I’ve tried resetting thr syn module, replaced the batteries in the camera. The wifi is at max signal… Help??? Any more suggestions or do I just return this product.!

Did you try bringing it back near to your router and sync module, just to see if it works there?