Live View Failed

Hi, I’m currently having some problems with the Blink Indoor Cameras
At first, a bought a 1-camera system, and it work flawlessly, so I decided to bought 3 more add on cameras.
Unfortunately, i cant use live view in all 3 of them. The motion sensors and clip recording still work, the snap shot also work but I just cant use live view with them.
When i press the live view on the app, the camera flash a red light, and then nothing happen except for the “Live View Failed” on the app.
I’m really appreciated if someone can help me.
I have try to uninstall the app, delete the camera, remove the battery and reset the sync module but it still show me the “Live View Failed”


How’s the connection strength for the cameras that are failing in live view?

All of the cameras have excellent connection with the sync module and Wifi.

Try a different phone.

I already tried with other phone, it still said that “Live View Failed”

Start a support ticket.

I have start a support ticket to Blink yesterday, i hope they will reply to me soon.

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Any luck with this? We’re new users, having the same issue. Worked great yesterday -! And the day I really need it I cannot get a single view.


I am also having this issue since the recent update I also put in a support tocket

Hi @Minh_Tu and @Sosykes,

Was support able to resolve this issue for you? And @Littleguy please keep us updated with what support says!

I am disappointed I never hear back from customer support.
I even message them on social media. But I did get it fixed myself.
Step:1 power off sync mod
Step:2 power off router for 1 min
Step:3 let router completely com back online
Step4 power up sync mod
And that seemed to do the trick love view has been working since

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I also took the batteries out and put back in , but this was the first step I did

Hi @Littleguy,

Please provide me your case number and I will talk to support directly to make sure you get the help you need! @Bob_at_Blink

I get live view failed on a daily basis on all cameras at one point. Despite turning off the router rebooting everything and restarting.

I have the same problem. It’s been going on for roughly a month. I’ve replaced routers, tried different wifi channels (back to Auto now), new batteries, changed sync module locations, (I have 2 - problem with both!), powere cycle cameras (I have 5, 2 plugged in, 3 with batteries)… I’ve found that after making big changes, I may get 1 live view per camera to work, but then I’m back to LIVE VIEW FAILED. Is anyone one having this issue with an android phone? That’s the only thing I haven’t been able to test.

Hi @jsdray,

I think you should submit a support ticket or give us a call at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK… It would be helpful to test this out on multiple devices to confirm that it is not your device, but it could potentially be an issue with your wifi settings as well. Keep me updated!

I had one open… not sure if it still is or not since I thought it was working again.

Tested with another iPhone… same problem. I’ve also tested with iPhone on both cellular data as well as within wifi network. Fails both ways.

Hi @jsdray,

You mention that you thought it was working again; did the problem go away and then come back? What did support do to initially try to resolve the problem?