Live view failed, live view failed

3/5 camera to WiFi connection
2/5 camera to sync connection

Reset router and sync by unplugging for 1 minute.

What is up?

Getting real tired of the unreliability of this system. There is NOTHING in any blink troubleshooting docs that mentions the three words LIVE VIEW FAILED. Very frustrated.

Anyone have any ideas?

Your signal strength of 3/5 is marginal but acceptable but your 2/5 is probably what is causing the problem. You must have, at the very least 3/5. I would also check the sync module to wifi signal strength (again, needs to be 3/5 for reliable operation). You may have to reposition the sync module to get the signal strengths you need. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

It’s worked before with 1/5 camera to sync strength. We’ve changed nothing. Sync module and cameras still in same location. Now the signal strength is better at 2/5 and no live view. These are cottage cameras and we are not physically there to move sync around whenever it’s feeling temperamental. If I did move it, next next week I’ll probably get the same response to move sync again. We also have a WiFi extender in an outbuilding where’s not possible to move sync due to Blink sync module temperature constraints. We are within the blink advertised range. Sadly, this product does meet it by 30 feet.

One more thing to check. What is your internet speed at the location? Needs to be 2mb/sec upload speed. If that’s OK I suggest you open up a support ticket. They may have some other tips. Good luck.

Low signal strength may not result in a consistent all-or-nothing effect all the time.

It may cause the system to work unpredictably. Just something to consider.

Good luck getting support from Blink!

Okay Thanks, will let you guys know!

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amen to that. They provide very little and if it gets beyond the simple, all they say is sorry -

Here is what I found

  1. Make sure if you using a mesh network - like EERO you do not use it - connect directly to your WiFi router

  2. We have 2 cameras - literally a foot apart and one always said lived failed - even swapped cameras and that same spot would come up live failed - knocked the quality to best instead of high and this has seemed to resolve the issue

Was on the phone with blink for an hour and had to keep playing around with things to figure out - they were very helpful