Live view failed daily

I check my cameras from work daily. 1 camera seems to always seems to time out. Then some time later it works again. I know its close to the sync module and the signal shows as strong. Is this just a fact that its not a reliable system or something else I need to adjust. I fell like it should work more than it doesnt. I am ok with it failing once in a great while but this seems to be too much.


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It’s going on 3 days with no live view from 1 specific camera. The sync module is closer to it then it is to the one that is working fine. Is there a reset on the camera I need to try?

You can reset the camera by removing the batteries, wait 30 sec, and reinstall the batteries. One thing to check is the signal strength to wifi and sync module. Both must be at 3 bars for reliable operation. If the cam has been installed for a while, or it’s in a high traffic area the batteries may need to be replaced, regardless of what the battery condition indicates in the app. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

They are a week old so the battery isn’t the issue. Just frustrating. I’ll go out and try resetting it soon and report back.

Well I brought it in and it worked immediately. I still switched the batteries around just for the heck of it. After bringing it back outside it is still spotty at best. I wonder if it’s just a bad camera? Does anyone from blink monitor these forums?

These forums are monitored by Blink mostly during the week. I would still like to know what the cam to wifi & cam to sync module strength is when outside. I’m beginning to suspect that’s your problem (BOTH must be at least 3 bars for reliable operation).

The spotty camera is closer to the module then the 2nd camera. The bars are usually full. I tried to upload a screenshot from 1 minute ago. Thanks for your time and help.

It may be time to open up a support ticket. In the meantime, when you can’t get a live view, immediately look at the cams signals to see if one or both are dropping out. Good luck.

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It’s not my experience that you have to have 3 bars on the sync module for reliable operation. I have one camera that always shows one bar and it works fine. Eats batteries a little more often, but is just as reliable as those with 5 bars.

That may be true, but Blink’s position is 3 bars. That will be one of the first questions support will ask. I’m more concerned that his signal is dropping since the cam worked fine indoors.

Hi @jriggi,

I do agree with @ronsec that you should submit a ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK. Thanks for the help @ronsec!

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I had the same issue for a solid week and as frustrating as it was , I troubleshot every aspect. I found out that my signal from the camera to the station was weak. What I ended up doing is positioning the main base station in my garage and then putting a WiFi extender directly next to it. Not only has this completely fixed my problem, it now alerts me the second I walk past it as well as let’s me access live view without any lag.

Your best bet is to have atleast 3/4 signal strength for camera to base and base/camera to WiFi. I originally had 2 bars each and it would end up making the cameras work half the time.

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Glad you resolved this @Newhome and thanks for sharing! The only thing I would be mindful of is the temperature in your garage. I believe some users have reported their SM not functioning correctly due to temperatures falling too low in their garage.

Thanks for all the tips. So I have had a stable connection for a few days now. Over the weekend I reset my wifi extender, reset the sync module and have been getting live view to work. Unfortunately yesterday the SM went offline and the green light started blinking and the blue stayed solid. It was offline all day while I was at work and I had my wife unplug it and plug it back in but that didn’t work. I reset it again and it is all back up and running.

So I will monitor it a few more days before I open a ticket. I just hope they aren’t faulty devices.

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Hi @jriggi,

Keep us updated!

second day this week the sync module has dropped out. I was getting motion clips like I was supposed to and still some spotty live views from 1 camera but I could live with it. The sync module dropping out is no good. I can’t do anything until I get home to fix it. The fix is adding it in again like it was new.

How do I go about opening a ticket and replacing the 1 camera? It’s not responding to live view and not recording while armed. My driveway camera seems fine and I can see someone walk up the driveway and then to the front door where the porch camera should pick up the rest. It’s not working properly and so now I basically have a1 camera system. Please advise. Thank you

Upper right corner is magnifying glass. This is the forum search function. Type in open support ticket. You’ll find many discussions and examples.

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New system, can stay connected, wifi is pn, good signal. The module/modem are within 5ft, when connected I don’t get a live view. The previous system connected to the module but never to the camera. Module was further away. Troubleshooting steps didn’t work. Blink never offers a solution. I’m thinking about returning it.