Live View failed - but only at night

For the last 3 days one of our outdoor cameras says “Live View Failed” I have moved the sync module, bought a WiFi extender neither helps. It works fine during the day, just won’t let us view after 6:00 in the evening. The batteries are 5 days old and good signal strength. Any other ideas?

Do you have it set to turn the IR on?

See if it will work with in day time mode, at night.

I was able to view it after adjusting that setting. I set it to Control Auto and intensity low. If I use medium or high intensity it won’t let me live view. Never had this problem before, but I always had it powered by electricity and we moved so now have to use battery. Is this what causes it?

reason i asked, because the IR, takes a lot of power. Sounds like you might not be using the right battery.

Make sure you are using…

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries

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Thank you. We will change batteries tomorrow.

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