Live view failed and system is busy

Not sure if this is a 2 topic post or 1, but when the motion view goes off and I’m notified on my phone I’m receiving most times “system is busy” and most recently “live view failed”. It does save the feed to my folder, but what’s the point if I cant see someone breaking into my house in real time?

Im getting this but no notifications or if they do they come back delayed wondering if its server side

It could be. I thought may it might be because my wife was looking at the cameras through her phone at the same time.

This may be what makes the Blink system most useless to me. If the camera is triggered based on motion, I can’t click on live view until it’s done recording. And if whatever triggered it is still there, it starts recording again so I still can’t view a live feed.

I should be able to override the triggered video with live view.

2 recent examples:

Sitting at home last night we heard someone on our porch. I tried to turn the camera on with live view but I received a “system busy” warning because the camera was triggered by motion. I had to wait more than 30 seconds for it to stop recording and finally alert me. 30 seconds is a long time when you hear someone on your porch. Since the person was still there they retriggered the motion sensor so when I tried a second time to see if he was still there I got the same error. Had to wait another 30+ seconds for the alert.

A few weeks ago I was waking home from a neighbor’s house at night. My wife was home alone. I could see my house in the distance and saw two men I didn’t recognize knock on the front door and then my wife stick her head out to answer. I wanted to turn the camera on to make sure she was ok but I couldn’t because it was recording. Again, since they were still there they kept triggering the recording so I couldn’t activate live view to check on her, listen to the audio, or to speak through the camera.

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Are you using the new “early notification” feature?

I’m not. I just saw that mentioned today on another thread. Sounded like it isn’t available yet. Is this feature working?

Available and working.

Only for USA customers.

Dang! Good catch.

Thanks. Just tried it and it seems to be exactly what I need. The alert is maybe 15 seconds delayed but at least I can catch it and turn on live view without waiting as I did before.

Very nice improvement.

There is a post in the “what’s new” blog in the app

I am, but still getting system is busy. I get this when I receive the notification and I click on the blink icon. Just got it again when the FedEx guy dropped off a package.

I am also having the same issues. I can see live view along with the camera being system busy. I did everything I can imagine and still no luck. My conclusion is that these cameras are only good for a short period of time. Time to upgrade to something better with a different company

Cannot see live view

Hi, I was reading the Blink Forum, apparently I have a problem with my Cameras or the Module, it is not detecting movement, Live View Failed Daily. I have reviewed each step, all cameras have more than 3 signal lines in the module and in the WiFi, but they still do not work. I have a hypethesis and I would like to validate it with you, the Internet in my house has been unstable in recent weeks, all my slides run out of internet and most of them I have to restart them, I already talked to the internet provider and they come to check it soon, but That is my doubt, if the internet is unstable, could it be affecting the proper functioning of the cameras? although they appear connected they have no motion detection, or another problem could it be that I have 7 cameras in the same module? the truth had not failed until now and I don’t know what it could be, if the instability or the number of cameras.

“Stuff” needs to get to blink servers. If the internet connection is unstable, “stuff” won’t get there.

I don’t suppose there’s any news when it will be rolled out outside of USA?

You’ll need to ask Blink.

I had a similar issue with my blink mini. When I got an alarm I would go to my iPad to get a view and I got the system busy message. Well, it seems that the blink system can only send signal to one device at a time. I had set up a routine in Alexa that when triggered would open my Echo Show 5 on my night stand and show the camera. So when I went to the live view on the iPad the system was genuinely busy sending a signal to the Echo Show. I changed that Alexa routine, took out the Echo and problem solved. I now have a routine that when blink is triggered the hallway light flashes, a message plays on all devices saying “Get the gun paw, someone’s on the front porch” and turns on my Samsung TV and shows the camera. Know if I get an alert I have to tell Alexa to go home and then I can see it on my iPad. Too much time on my hands?

These cameras are nothing but pieces of over priced junk. I have them set on a separate wifi router from the rest of my house and I still get the “Camera Busy” most of the time when I try to use any of the outside cameras. Yet my inside “free camera” that was part of an Amazon promotion works every time without fail. PURE GARBAGE.