Live View Continuous/Longer Time Frame

Yes I do. ALL of the Blink models with live view have this limitation. However the workaround talk button is described above.

Another option I’ve tried for the past few days is using an auto clicker app to press the Continue button automatically. I have an Android device, so I just downloaded one of the more popular auto clicker apps from the Play Store.

So far it seems to be working pretty well!

ALL your battery powered cameras limit view time. Otherwise, your battery would die, then you would complain its not meeting specs.

Blink is the only camera vendor I’m aware of that lacks a live view when operating off AC power.

What’s your explanation/reasoning why the AC powered mini indoor camera has the same live view limitation as the battery operated cameras?

lazy programming (copying what they have)… or ■■■■■■ hardware? You can choose. :slight_smile:

My cameras get freaking hot, after a minute of use…

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I’m going with patents and licensing rights myself. Lazy and :poop: :poop: hardware is my choice two. The one thing Blink perfected is:

Low price divided by kinda sorta works performance = good enough for who it’s for. Most people aren’t pissed off enough to say FTS and return it for full refund. You can thank Microsoft OS systems worldwide for lowered expectations.

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I don’t know if anyone else suggested this, I did not read all the comments. I was having the same problem as you. I received an echo show and blink mini for Christmas. While viewing my blink from my Note10+ the continuation button was every 30 seconds. I synced it with my echo show and viewed it from from there. It eventually asked if I wanted to continue, but it stayed on the show for much longer than 30 seconds. Might not be ideal still, but maybe would work for you better.

The echo gives you 5 minutes of viewing.

Really?!?! Not cute or necessary!! Made you look like a jerk trying to make a snide comment at the expense of a lady/mother. Wow

Created an account just to say thanks for the advice. Just purchased two of these to replace the blink cams I had. This limitation is something I thought would be an annoyance, but ends up being a deal breaker for using these as baby monitors.

(before anyone asks why not just use a regular baby monitor - image quality and price. you have to compromise on one of those when it’s a baby monitor)

Glad (despite what’s there to really be glad about) that I’m not the only one who is annoyed to say the least. What I want to know is, is this particular forum consumers only? As in, can anyone from Blink chime in and give a better explanation as to why, and what to look forward to? Or is this just a rant room that you can contain into one website, but refrain from actually making this outlet a useful resource-- in which I think it was intended to be?

“Multi billion dollar parents should be more involved with their children’s progress and reputation,” just sayin’

It’s a collection of this, that and the other thing. The collective message threads = marketing info for Amazon. What may enlighten you is go back in time and look at two things.

#1 how much did Amazon purchase Blink for, why did they purchase Blink, and what has happened to Blink since it was purchased.

#2 do the EXACT same thing with Amazon and Ring.

Executive summary is Amazon bought Blink for 1/10th the price they bought Ring for. Yup, Ring was 10 times more money.

You got the child thing correct. Blink was purchased for a small price to become a donor child via the super low power consuming chipsets from Immedia Semiconductor. The technology and chipsets would then be devoloped into other products tthat Amazon could sell. Sooooo, Blink evolves a little, other products evolve a lot. Simple a looking at Blink vs. Ring and Alexa products.

Now you know.

if you use it with alexa it will stay on for about 2 minutes