Live View Continuous/Longer Time Frame

I just setup the Blink Mini and overall it works just as I would like it to. The only feature I wish was different was the Live View length. For me, I’m using it in my toddler’s room and our living room which is his play room. I would like to be able to have the camera be continuous so I’m not having to hit the “continue” button every 30 seconds. I would even be okay with a 5 minute recheck option. But I’m typically sitting at my desk working while my son is falling asleep so I like to keep the camera on to monitor him until he’s asleep. This can last anywhere from 5-30 minutes. So having to refresh every 30 seconds, while trying to focus on writing an email or doing a project is extremely frustrating to say the least. Even a 5 minute “continue” option would be more ideal.


Buy a baby monitor.

People have been complaining about this from the beginning. Probably won’t happen.

Really? Thanks for the so very helpful reply. :roll_eyes:

Is this not the forum to suggest feedback to improve a product? Before purchasing, I was not aware the Live View feed was so limited.


The Mini was just released, and with it being plugged in, I imagine it’s something they could make happen. With the other ones that are battery powered, I can understand why there’s a 30 second refresh. I don’t see the reason for a unit that’s continuously powered to have that restriction need.


I was not trying to be snarky. You described all the features of a baby monitor, which the mini is not.

None of the Blink products have been designed for extended or continuous video.

This is a user forum. Blink doesn’t participate. Best to comment to Blink directly.

I did do a ton of research on baby monitors and all are extremely expensive and work like crap. We used a webcam in my son’s room as our “baby monitor” because it was sufficient. I upgraded to the Blink because it seemed to fit the same concept. But again, I wasn’t aware of the extended live view limitation, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

Thank you for letting me know about the forum. When I had looked up where to provide feedback I was directed here and the wording made it seem like this was where to provide feedback. I will contact them directly.

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Everyone should read this

You got the right place. But that was setup a couple years ago. Blink employees don’t hang out here anymore that we know of. If they do, they are under a gag order as none of them respond or chine in.

The 30 second refresh is from the mobile app for the existing cameras. I haven’t read any feedback yet that the mobile app has new operator controls for the new indoor mini camera.

How come everybody complaining about Blink stuff finds this community forum after they buy instead before they buy? Geeezzzz where have I heard that before? Hmmmm

Why not just extending the 30sec. live view only when the camera is not battery powered.

I’m having exactly the same issue! That continue button is so annoying


You’re assuming that it’s just about the power supply.

Yi Home camaras work great as baby monitors. They have continuous live feed, recording, motion sensors, night view, and two-way talk. You can also take still pics.

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Well, just FYI, the XT2 cameras can do continuous live view now, must have been a change in the firmware at last, no more “continue” button…They actually listened… :+1::+1::grinning:


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No change to my XT2 cameras.

There is but I think it may be a glitch there is a a way to have full continuous live view but I wonder if I post on here it will be blocked…hmmmmm​:thinking::thinking:

No change here.

Hardly changed as a result of listening to their users then, if it is a glitch, that they may well take away. If you’re referring to selecting talk, briefly, this was already posted, some months ago, and nothing has changed since, so posting about it seemed to make no difference.

Hmmm, yes pressing the talk button does make them record continuously…I tried on four cameras and works on them all, so is this a glitch or is it meant to be like this…?
Whatever I hope it stays like this as it’s useful for me as I use USB power on mine…:+1::grinning:

Why would we need tor read if a camera show a feed. Never heard of a camera only allowing limited time ? Very unusual. Do you know of any other cameras that limit time for viewing ?