Live View but no motion capture

I have two systems with 3 cameras each. Live view is working but motion activated recording has stopped for both systems or is not updating the clip roll? Logged in and out and armed disarmed the system… no change. Any suggestions?

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Seeingloads of these posts, had the same when I was away, which wasn’t useful! I think they firmware the cameras which broke the motion, you’ll have to pop the batteries out and back in should work then.
It’d be useful if Blink allowed a remote option to reset the camera, so if you’re away your property is still protected??
Not a reliable system as it stands.

The system to date has been relatively reliable. I do not believe that it was a firmware issue but a cloud sync issue issue as the two system are different versions on two very different types on internet connections. One is urban with high speed internet and the other is in the boonies with a radio link. Currently it looks like the issue has resolved itself and I cannot help wonder if it was not related to that one camera on my home system had no battery left. As soon as I replaced the battery both units started responding normally I wonder if Blink disables motion capture if one camera is down for an entire account?

Same issue here (except I only have 1 camera). Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Camera is connected and “armed” but doesn’t that want to capture anything. Good thing I only have 1 camera. Not wasting my money on anymore.

Yeah, this camera system is a huge piece of crap! I knew I should’ve put my foot down when my husband wanted to buy these. I’ve have trouble since day one, & even had to call tech support to get the things to install correctly. Don’t waste your money on this garbage!

Hmmm, a second “piece of crap” post. You must be really pissed.

Send them back for a refund.

I would, but the husband loves them. He’s not technology savvy and doesn’t have to get them back online, or deal with the batteries, the camera’s not syncing, or the cloud going offline. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve had 4 cameras since “day 1.” No major issues. So, one data point that they work.

If you read the posts, 99% of all issues are related to WiFi, batteries, or lack of pre-purchase research.

How can your husband be happy if they don’t work?

We’re users. We’re here to help, but we have a short fuse for “product is crap” posts. Direct your anger to Blink.

I have 8 cameras between two locations. One site using v1 and the second v2 cameras with solar power. No issues with the v2 cameras however v1 cameras some times drop connectivity and this is always caused by low battery. The v2 site operated throughout winter with temperatures well below freezing without any issues.

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