Live video failed, thumbnail failed

When I first added Blink I had no issues then it started with live view failed and thumbnail failed. After lots of investigation I found my router went bad on me and started giving me very slow speeds. I turned it in and traded for a new one and my wifi speeds jumped from 20m to 300m speed. I had to reassign the blink to the new wifi router with new I’d and password and simply unplugged the sync module and plugged it back in then waited 5 to 10 minutes and it synced all the cameras. Because of the speed increase I no longer have issues with strength or speed.

I imagine your post is here to help people who may be having an issue, to point out it can be your router, and will add my experience of a similar oddity for the same reason.

I’ve had trouble free operation for one of my cameras for many months, 18, or so, then this month it started misbehaving. I thought batteries, because it’s in a high traffic area, and a long way away, but my battery change log showed that I changed them only six weeks ago, and they’re normally good for 6 months, plus they measured good, even whilst in the camera. Anyway, whilst I had it down, I tested it in the house, and operation was perfect. I rebooted it anyway, and put it back. Still misbehaving, which was annoying.

As I mentioned, this camera is a long way away from my router. On the limit, and I remembered that I had to tweak the angle of my router so that it was just right, to get the camera to work properly. When I went to look at the router, I could see it had been moved slightly. I rotated it back, through the 20 or so degrees through which it had been twisted, by accidentally pulling on the lead, whilst working under the bench to untangle some wires. Obviously I’d been unaware, until checking, that I’d caused this change.

Magically, rotating it back through 20 degrees, restored perfect operation. I reference this to demonstrate two things. One how sensitive the RF environment is to small changes and two that routers are not omnidirectional, as one might expect them to be. Thus, any small change can easily have an impact on a Blink installation, especially when you’re trying to operate a camera at close to their stated limits.


Problems with live feed and a thumbnail failure, both. No notifications. Change the batteries, redid the mod fuel. Nothing works

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I started having the issue with one cam and I changed the batteries. Normally, that’s an indication of low batteries. So I change them and the issue keeps occurring. Nothing has changed and it shows good signal. I’m thinking of changing the batteries again. I will post shortly with the results.