Live Stream on Cameras

I noticed that when I use live feed on my phone, in ends after around 10 seconds. Is it possible for me to extend this time? I looked through the settings to try to change it, but was unable to find anyway of doing so. If not, will there be an update that could extend the length?


Live view should go on for 30s before needing to hit the continue button. This can be done for up to 5 min per session.

If you are referring to the motion clips only being 10s, we have an update that should extend that. This update should happen automatically over night if its a new camera. If this does not happen please send us a support ticket and include the S/N of the affected camera so that we may push it.


@Marvin_at_Blink When you say “we have an update that should extend that” what are we talking about? I am hoping for an End rather than a Continue. This is where Blink misses the boat. I have a camera that watches the front of my house, and is powered by USB. It it would record continuously until I hit End , I could use this camera as a live monitor. Also, what is the build / version of the new update?

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By the way, my app software version is now 2.0.2 and build 2264, and the problem is worse. I think i am down to 20 seconds before having to hit the Continue button. The continue button really needs to go away, and be replaced with an END/STOP button

I too would LOVE a longer live view. I suspect an unlimited live view is out of the question due to loading issues on BLINK servers.

…not if it is direct feed. If you do a live view, you are pinging the camera directly, but nothing is being recorded.

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Really? I thought it was going up to the server & back down again (i.e. round-trip). I will have to try it myself with internet OFF :slight_smile: then.
Well in that case, then why disable unlimited streaming if the device is running off USB power???

Don’t know that it is, but either way, it isn’t recording.
If your camera is connected through your router, maybe live streaming is an option.
Your camera and module are connected through the router. Unnecessarily complicated if you then need to go out and through their servers to live stream.

Sorry to bust your bubble BUT at least in my case it requires an Internet connection. I’m unable to do a camera view (LIVE) once I disconnect the cable modem (internet) from the wireless router.

Camera/Live view path is up to the server & back down again (i.e. round-trip). That’s why Blink limit’s the time in order to minimize tying up a port on the server.

kind of a waste - what good is a ‘security’ camera, if you are limited in clip length and live view time.

So sad. I liked the cameras, but I need the live feed without the continue button. If the batteries go quickly, that’s ok but I should have the choice


Live stream means the camera is having to compress video in realtime. This is a very power intensive operation. If you were relying on battery power, and you were to forget you had a live stream on, it would flatten them in next to no time - I would estimate maybe half an hour, 45 mins, maybe less and the batteries are expensive. The limited time is an effort to balance what is useful with what is power efficient. Of course, if you are USB powered it would be great to have a constant live stream (please Blink?!).


I suspect the camera would “Melt Down” (internal temp rises quickly even in normal use) if allowed to livestream on USB power for any length of time

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I believe all of you are correct. It appears that this camera was designed around a proprietary chip, the magical feature of this chip was its power conservation. I believe they built a camera around this chip thinking that a battery operated / wireless camera (battery lasts up to 2 years) would be the end-all-be-all. When in fact, it forces them to design a nearly featureless camera to make use of this magical chip. Of course, this is just my initial impression after having played with this camera for only 2 days. So far it’s not meeting my needs… a continuous live-view being one of them!

@Honestly: welcome to the forums. You are right on just about all of your points. The camera was designed around a proprietary chip. Also, and I’ve said this more than once, this cam is not designed for high traffic areas or for any application which requires continual live feed. There are other (hardwired) cams designed for this purpose. The Blinks work very well for what they are designed for. I find that most people who are dissatisfied with the Blink just need more camera! All in all it just depends on ones needs and how one plans to use the cameras.

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So here’s a link to an article that was written before their kickstarter campaign.

Since amazon recently paid $90 million for that magical battery-saving chip, Immedia semiconductor (the company that brought Blink cams to market) may have had the right idea all along.

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No doubt that the dissatisfied users are the ones who want more bells and whistles. Myself, believing a very basic system would cover my needs, I believed Blink would do just that. In fact, it is likely the first tech device (or anything for that matter) that I purchased with virtually no research! I bought it just on a neighbor’s say so. It NEVER CROSSED MY MIND that a camera security system would NOT have the ability to continually monitor a live shot. Now, even understanding the system as I do… I still can’t believe that is acceptable to the original designers / engineers.

Frankly, when discussing this system with my neighbor, we talked about the batteries and the fact that the cameras are truly Wireless. Only after asking if a camera COULD be operated on an external power supply was I satisfied that this system would fit my minimalist needs. I was wrong. All Things Considered, this system checks off most of the boxes for many home users. I truly believe they’re losing a significant amount of customers who simply want a camera (at least one) to monitor continuous live shots - for a multitude of legitimate reasons.


So @ronsec what am I going to find if I took the leap and purchase the doorbell unit? Is that of a minimalist design also?

The doorbell hasn’t been released, so that’s to be seen. There’s a reason the camera is priced the way it is compared to a hardwired camera system.

I’m still dumbfounded why people come here expecting motion zones, and continuous live view, and other battery draining features to be added.


@Honestly: since the Blink doorbell hasn’t been released yet your guess is as good as mine. I am using a Ring Pro doorbell now. Am pretty well satisfied. I am looking forward to trying the Blink doorbell.

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