Live 360 being discontinued

I’m using an IFTTT applet created by Blink (europe) to arm and disarm my outdoor camera. The applet uses Live360 to detect when the last person has left the house and the first person returns to arm/disarm. I’ve just received mail from IFTTT saying that the Live360 service will be discontinued from 2nd December. Does anyone know of at alternate service that provides the same capability?

Damn, I use that too, and it works really well. IFTTT have their own native GPS service, but I went with Life360 because when I used IFTTT to do the same, in the past, it was simply not reliable enough. Life360, on the other hand, has worked perfectly, ever since I first deployed it.

I haven’t had the mail yet, but no doubt I’ll get it soon. :unamused:

Can the IFTTT service detect the last person to leave and first to return? It doesn’t look like it to me.

Not sure, never wanted that feature because in my application it’s only me that matters, so I never tried it.

I am also using Life360 linked to my Blink system and use the last to leave/first to return feature with my wife which works perfectly. Looking at the new Blink Applet and IFTTT location service it looks like it does not support the same feature which is going to be REALLY annoying.

I have raised a ticket with the support team to see what they suggest.

I’d be interested to see what they have to say. I have a ticket open with them on another matter at present. One at time is enough for me!

I the interim I think the IFTTT solution will work, but not ideal. The motion sensor may be set slightly more often than I want as it will set when the first person leaves rather than the last.

No idea if it’s exactly what you need, because I don’t need it, so I didn’t dig in depth, but on first glance the article seems to suggest that family support is covered?

Thanks Suttyblink, Unfortunately the solution the articles suggests is Life360 which is the product support is being withdrawn for on the 2nd Decemebr

D’oh, sorry, I said I didn’t drill down in detail. My bad.

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@tonyingall - Support have responded to say that support for arming/dearming based on multiple people is not supported. Their recommendation is to use a schedule!

They are going to raise a feature request for this and I suggest you raise a ticket for the same feature. The more people that raise the request, the higher the priority the request will get.

I agree, the Blink Applet will work fine for disarming. It is just the arming that will be a pain. We leave the house at different times so a schedule will not work so it is either down to activating manually or setting when one of us leaves the house and having to disarm.

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I too have this setup and it works great for us so this is quite disappointing! do I raise a ticket to ask for a geofencing feature or something similar?

Thanks aawls, I’ve started with a support request which hopefully will raise it on their agenda too.

I couldn’t find somewhere to enter a feature request, so I started with a support request. Here’s the link

In all of this, it’s not really Blink’s fault, and IFTTT claim it is not their fault. They say Life360 stopped supporting their platform.

" On December 2, 2020, the Life360 service will be removed from IFTTT because the Life360 team no longer supports the service."

Perhaps a support request to Life360 would be more appropriate. Feature request to Blink, complain to Life360.

Either way, very disappointing, but I get the feeling this may be the way of the world from now on. IoT products, coming and going, support for platforms changing, or even disappearing. Hang your hat on one solution, and bang, their service could be gone in a day.

Just to fallow I’ve got the same problem