Lithium Batteries - Other brands other than Energizer?

I know that Blink recommends Energizer - and the cameras even come with them. I’m assuming there’s a contract with Energizer, so maybe Blink can’t even comment on other brands… have other users tried other brands of lithium AAs? AmazonBasics carries a line of them. I’m not sure if there’s really any cost savings to them.

I’m about to make a purchase of A LOT of batteries. We have a total of 8 Blink XTs now - at our house and at my in-laws. Life would be so much better if we had could use rechargeable batteries or if there was a battery pack of some sort. Oh well.

Haven’t tried it yet as my batteries are not worn out yet. However I can tell you MANY brands of batteries are the EXACT same battery on the EXACT same production line. All they do is change the label.

How do I know this? I’ve been on the production lines for both Energizer and Duracell. The company I retired from made the label application machines.

Find the specs for existing battery. Then purchase generic branded battery with exact same spec. Buy in bulk from China via ebay will be my choice.

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rechargeable batteries don’t work too well with the cameras I’ve tried them it don’t capture motion detection does not work well with the rechargeable batteries and it shows the batteries are always dead


All of my XT’s are powered via micro USB. Inexpensive cables (up to 30-ft long) are easily available on Amazon. I bet you could switch 1/2 of yours over to hard-wired and never worry about batteries again.

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Really depends on placement.
Three of my six cameras are outside, and nowhere near a power source to plug a charger into.
I also have one in my attic, and one in my basement, neither near an outlet.
The one I do have powered via USB is an indoor camera facing out my kitchen window.
However, since the motion will not work through the window, it is turned off, so Battery life on this easily accessible camera is not an issue.

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Yes, I’m aware. I tried and it just didn’t function well and a Blink rep recommended I change back. I was hoping that Blink might have a battery in development. I’d pay more for a battery just for the convenience of not having to change as often as I do.

I’m talking about my outdoor cameras. I’m monitoring the end of our driveway and a swath of our property located 150 feet from the house. I went wireless to avoid having to bring power out remotely to an area where there’s nothing but trees… and at the same time, having the flexibility to move the cameras in various locations to see what works best. I also don’t want loose wires in the in the area where a wild animal could trip or where I might accidentally cut while doing trimming or yardwork. I’m sure I can find outdoor rated cables, but it’s not the solution I wanted.

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Does it work that far away (150’) from the house?

I wondered if the cable was too long it might cause the final voltage to be an issue.

Someone mentioned a rechargable battery bank would be a good idea. Easy enough to make but harder to weather proof.
I wonder if you could use something like this
And have a small usb cable between camera and power bank. Easy access so you can recharge

I just did a live view on both XT cameras w/30’ USB cables & no issues.
Additionally, two 1.5V batteries wired in series (pretty sure they are wired that way internally) = 3V.
The micro USB supplies 5V so they must be regulating the 5V down to 3V. There is always more than enough voltage for the camera even with the small voltage drop due to long cables.

Most all power banks I’m aware of shut-off/sleep after a short time so are not suitable for an intermittent load like an XT camera. See Blink community thread called “Solar Powered Blink Camera - Confirmed Can Run On Solar!” where we discuss options and see the one I put together

I understood it worked for you, I was more concerned with increasing the length could cause issues.

A 5m cable with 1A has a drop of 0.4v at the thickest 20 AWG wire.
Increase length, take into account switcher/ldo loss and it could be on the fringe.

As said it’s great it works, just want people to be aware that it’s not a simple solution and carefully planning may be required to ensure good results.


Has anyone tried these?

AA Lithium Batteries

As I said before…Many battery brands are the exact same thing. All they do is switch the label on the production line. You have to compare specifications to confirm apples to apples however.

The Enegitech brand you gave a link to are the same longevity rating as Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Both are 3000mAh (millamp hours) . The data sheets and specs for the batteries are online. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.


My recent Blink devices came with no name LiFeS2 batteries. Anybody know who makes them. I don’t think they are Energizer Ultimate Lithium anymore since they look a bit different in addition to being not branded. Must be same chemistry though.

Use Google and you’ll have your answer.

I just purchased two solar panels of amazon, pluged into my blink cameras and it works… YOU DO NOT NEED BATTERIES AT ALL…

Does that solar panel have a rechargeable battery built in? Yup. Your still using batteries. Solar system fails, the original Blink batteries become a battery backup system. But you’re correct, you don’t need them with solar if you don’t want the backup feature. Solar panel with Blink has been available for a few years now.

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