List of ongoing requests / new requests

I see many times the same topics regarding software requests, issues that need to be fixed etc.
Is there a consolidated list somewhere?
I know there was a request form for new software features. Is there an output from this?
I see the same things in the forum but rarely see an actual app update with the requests. Seems to be lots of discussions but (from my point) not much output.

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Hi @mafa,

Thanks for your question. Here are two Google Forms I ran a few months ago that has a list of the most requested features ranked by members of the community! There are also threads that show some of the significant results form the forms.

Thanks @nick_at_blink
I remember this…but what’s next?

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Hi @mafa,

We have a few projects going on right now that are directly related to requests we received! I can’t say too much at the moment, but keep your eye out over the next couple weeks for a potential surprise!

In terms of going forward, I have been keeping close tabs on the requests made by the users on the Community, and ensure that the rest of the team is aware of the needs and wants of our customers. Some of the new features and products we are working on are requests made by many of you, but we are still working out solid ETAs, as most are still in development. Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for the news…let’s see.

That’s been a few weeks…what’s the surprise?

The surprise is that they have no plans to fix anything.
They plan to break integrations that are currently working.
They also plan to introduce new products which will still have the same problems as the old ones, and also introduce new bugs and feature requests which will also never be resolved.


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@nick_at_blink any news on the updates? I don’t seem to find anything on the feature updates.

@Bob_at_Blink mentioned in a couple other threads recently that amazon has strict rules re: not releasing roadmaps. Which is not surprising.

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