Light doesn't work

I am having an atrocious time with customer service. The light on my new exterior camera doesn’t work, and I’ve been to rectify the problem for almost a week with no help from customer service.

I have removed/replaced the batteries, removed the batteries and used the USB cable, They have loaded firmware updates, asked me to jump through hoops and I still don’t have the light working.

I was mostly pleased with my 3 other cameras but the service that I’m receiving as a repeat customer is seriously sub par. Just send me a new camera, what is so hard about that?

Robert Slattery

If you haven’t already give tech support a call (781) 332-5465 from any phone or use the Blink app. Hopefully they will resolve the problem your having quickly. When you say light, do you mean the blue recording light? Or IR? Tagging @Bob_at_Blink

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Hi Patrick,

Sent PM to you. We’ll correct it.


Hi Bob, I filled out the RMA this morning, and did get follow up emails from CS. Can you check to see if my RMA went through? I didn’t receive anything via email that it had.

Thanks you

The blue light works, the red light works. The big white illumination light does not work.

If you speaking of the Blink XT (outdoor version), it does not have the white led light. Only the interior original Blink camera has the white led.

Ah, thanks for that information. You should let your customer service staff know that, so customers who also have white cameras don’t waste a week looking for that answer.

Thanks Mr. Righthand.

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So they never even asked you if you were talking about an XT camera?

I like how that looks, thank you!


Just wanted to be sure you knew I wasn’t a Blink employee. The badge next to my name is for being a “superuser”, let’s say that means helpful and for being a beta tester. Staff members names will appear as “@name_at_blink”. You are right though, this should have been explained to you within the first email. It would seem support would have known what version of camera was in question. @Bob_at_Blink @nick_at_blink