Life 360 stopping soon

Is there any other options to auto arm the camera when myself or my parter leave the house just like 360 does?



I’m also looking for a solution.
Any ideas?


Me too :cry:.

I believe there is one with Smartthings, but I’m too dumb to follow how. Not that I’ve tried very hard, yet, but soon I may have to, when Life360 stops.

IFTTTs resident geochache seems to work as long as you only have one system. I have multiple and it never worked to arm or disarm both. Life 360 was great :frowning:

I’ll have to give it another go. It was highly unreliable for me, when I first tried it, going back a good while, which is why I switched to Life360. Also, if I recall correctly, it doesn’t support multiple users, groups, families, etc, but again, maybe that has changed too? Life360 really was great.