LED wifi lightbulbs

A wifi LED lightbulb that could be turned on when a certain camera detects motion would be a great addition to the system.

The Ring floodlight cam is what you want.

It would and it wouldn’t be a great addition. If you’re talking about motion detected by the camera, activating a smart floodlight, then that will always be after the camera has started recording, even if a way could be found to make it fast. Sadly, after it starts recording is no good with Blink, because it will have already started recording in night vision mode, black and white. During a nighttime recording, it will not switch to daytime mode, even when the scene becomes well illuminated during the recording.

If you don’t care that it’s in black and white, then fine, there are ways, but better, in my opinion is to try and position a normal motion activated security light in a position, and with a sensitivity setting greater than that of the camera. That way, the light comes on, and then the camera detects motion as normal, but now when it starts to record, it is in daytime mode, will be well lit, and in colour.

If you’re not using the new outdoor camera, you can make lights come on when a given camera detects motion, by using IFTTT, but in my experience it isn’t fast enough to be of much practical value. Of course, your experience may differ. If you do have the new outdoor camera, and probably the new indoor too, although it can be chosen as the trigger for an action with IFTTT, right now they do not actually work with IFTTT. XT or XT2 do, just a little slowly.