Latest XT2 Firmware Version?

Is there any way to determine the latest XT2 firmware version, when it was released and the changes in it? I’m running version 7.98 but can’t find any information on it. Don’t understand why it’s so tough to just have one central location that gets updated each time there’s a new firmware release…

I have sent about 10 emails to customer support asking for details on the different versions(aka change sets). And they have deflected the question each time.

Please contact support directly and ask them for a revision/change set list. If more people ask, maybe they will be more transparent - and realize, that releasing the information will cut down on the phone calls they get; because users will be able to determine if the fixes & issues affect them.

If it helps, I’m on 7.98, for my XT2s, but the only version info, in the app, is useless. That having been said, are you struggling with something? Maybe someone can address any questions you might have?

Yeah, it would be nice to know when 7.98 was released. In my case, the reason why I ask is that I’ve been running multiple XT2 cameras on solar panels for about 1 1/2 years with NO PROBLEMS at all. Now I have multiple cameras going offline displaying classic insufficient power Blue/Red LED lights when motion is detected. While it could be that multiple solar panels are going bad in different locations, at roughly the same time. I also have my suspicions about the timing of 7.98, and what is in it. A new panel is only $29, so we’ll see when I buy/install a new one in the next week. If that one mysteriously shows the same symptoms after I test it on multiple XT2’s then I would believe something was added in the firmware…

By far the cheapest test, to find out if you are having panel power problems, is to buy some lithium batteries for one, or for several cameras. Disconnect the panel, put them in, and you know you have perfect power. If you still have the issue, then you know something else is going on. If you don’t have an issue, with perfect power, buy one new panel. If that cures it for one camera, buy all new.

As for why would multiple panels be going bad, it makes perfect sense to me, given the time frame. Back up battery in the panel, probably an 18650, or some such similar battery, will by now have been cycled every day for 1.5 years, and for $29 for the whole thing, perhaps not with the best of battery management. That’s 540 cycles, after which time you would expect significant degradation of performance, from a rechargeable battery.

Panels drop in performance too, but they will last longer than the battery in the panel. If the camera works on internally fitted batteries, I’d take that panel apart, find out what rechargeable battery is in it, and replace it. Might have to do a bit of soldering, but fun to try, maybe. It would be for me.

That’s pretty much my plan…have unplugged panels and running cameras on new lithium batteries. Will hold off purchasing new panels until I open up the current panels. It will be interesting to see if they are 18650’s…soldering won’t be an issue - I build/fly RC both planes/drones.
Might try to replace with Samsung 25R 18650/flat top…won’t know till I open it up this week or next week. To be honest my suspicions now have changed to an issue of weatherproofing of the solar panels or faulty batteries due to the number of cycles on them as you mentioned.

So do I. Did you notice my avatar, lol.

Yup I did…