LaserShip throwing package

LaserShip driver throwing my package on my porch , caught on Blink cam.
This Is not acceptable .

That is completely acceptable and the norm in the small package shipping industry. It’s exactly how boxes are loaded into the trucks and vans. During transport, boxes fall 13 feet from the top of a semi to the floor of a semi. Short box trucks, delivery vans, etc. the fall distance is about 10 feet.

Your luggage is loaded into a jet at the airport the same way. Amazingly, your luggage and small box packages protect the contents inside. Some day if you get a chance watch the shipping docks of major shipping company at about 9pm. That laser ship driver looks like a white glove angel by comparison.

No, it is not acceptable to me, the delivery person does not know what’s inside the Package .
I get a lot of packages delivered By all different companies This is the only person I ever Saw on the cam throwing packages like this

Were the contents of this package damaged?

Totally unacceptable regardless of whether the contents were damaged or not.

The delivery guy is showing a lack of respect for someone else’s property.


Luckily, no, Nothing was damaged, I contacted the company , they saw the video and said it was unacceptable ,And it would be addressed to make sure it doesn’t happen again

Hate to say it, but I think it’s precisely because no one can realistically see what goes on at the shipping docks that means @Joel_Ek is right about how packages are handled while in transit.

The “last mile” shippers like Lasership can be held to a higher standard simply because it’s possible to prove they were handling a package roughly.

Lasership is a low end entry level shipper likened to the Uber and Lift business model. That driver in the video is driving his own personal pickup truck, no CDL, no DOT numbers, and is getting low pay per hour. Amazon as well as others use Lasership as a 3rd party aka PDS - package delivery service. You can get hired quickly via Craigslist.

Now you know how Amazon and others offer free overnight shipping. As online shopping keeps growing, the demand for last mile shippers is exploding. Fed-Ex partners with 3rd party shippers via shuttle buses. Those small buses that shuttle people from hotel, airport, etc. They also shuttle cardboard boxes back in the luggage bay. The driver delivers the humans, then delivers the packages.

Walmart experimented with hey employee, want to make an extra buck? Deliver a few packages for us on your way home. This is the ultimate low buck high profit margin shipper. Walmart is pushing online shopping big time!

So the world of low paid paper boys is now low payed shipper boys and girls. Most drivers do care for your package. All of those drivers have bad days and fall behind on their route times. Some drivers don’t care. When the going gets tough, packages get tossed. Customer service will tell you that’s unacceptable. Reality tells you free quick shipping = cuts in service quality to save time and money…

Dented boxes, tossed packages, pissed off drivers, no damage to contents, delivered on time and to the correct address. Good job driver. This is the real world of PDS - package delivery service. Your Blink videos are not going to change this industry any time soon. Why? The shortage of CDL drivers is crazy hurting multiple industries. Drivers could spit on your package, get fired, and get a new job in 2 weeks. Lasership drivers = no CDL, limited backgound checks, no commercial insurance on their personal delivery vehicles… Just like Uber and Lift.


What can Brown do for you today? LOL!

A couple of years ago I used to drive 53’ semi trailer on a P&D route for Spee-Dee delivery out of St. Cloud. UPS guys were without a doubt the most ticked off cube van drivers.

It’s as if a key module of LaserShip training is the projectile delivery of packages. Clearly it’s effective. I’ve seen it more than once.

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