Lag when using 2 way audio

Hi all, iv posted this question before but didn’t see many replies regarding this. Haven’t managed to delete the original post as I don’t really know how to so apologise for the dupe question. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for this situation as there have been new updates since.

Does anyone else have a lag when they let go of the talk button in live view?

I noticed today, I attempted to talk to a neighbour though the camera while I was in the garden but when I release the button after iv spoken. There’s about a 10 second lag before it goes back into liew view with audio

The problem being. I’m not hearing what the person is saying after iv spoken in the live view, so the 2 way audio is pretty useless as by the time my stream reconnects iv missed what they have said replying to me when I have spoken, kind of makes it impossible to talk via the option as you miss whats being said after you release the talk button.

In terms of my camera itself. My notications are perfect never have any lag issues there, when checking the connection within the app my camera and module both have a solid 3 bar WiFi connection, I’m also use fibre broadband so it’s pretty quick in general, the camera itself is brilliant it’s just the lag within going to and from live view. It never returns quick enough for me to catch what the other person has said when iv released the talk button within my app.
Is there a fix for this, do I have a setting incorrect?

Still sounds like a network issue as was suggested to you Apr15. Have you done anything further to troubleshoot the problem?

Nothing has changed since installing the camera, it’s the only problem I have with the camera itself.

Module itself is a few steps away from where the camera is located, only obstruction is the wall itself (camera being outside, module inside) to which they are both only feet away from my main WiFi router and also my WiFi booster I have set up.

Iv also never noticed the connection signal bars in the app itself ever drop. They have always been full bars since installing. Have no idea why it does it, it just makes the audio features useless as by the time I have spoken to someone via the camera and released the talk button. It doesn’t reconnect for around 6 to 10 seconds to which I end up missing the persons reply

I’ve had 2 Blink XT2 installed for 5 days now and also noticed the same thing, a blank spot in the audio between talking and releasing the talk button and hearing their reply. One camera is outside my door so I can see anyone who is there. I would say I miss about 5 or 6 seconds of their reply. I have full bars on both the hub connection and WiFi. My intention was to be able to identify and talk to whoever is at the door before answering but as it is it’s useless. I’m thinking of returning it.