Keeping Live View On

Is there any way to keep live view on constantly and not have to keep pressing continue to view it? Just wanna keep my eye on the baby boy from afar :man_shrugging:t3:

Welcome to the forums! The answer to your question is no you can’t. The internal components of the cams are not designed to run continuously. A baby monitor would be a better choice.

Are baby monitors more expensive than a Blink indoor camera?

Excluding the Mini they are close in price.

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Around 75-100 is what I would have guessed. This price range is what people are willing to pay per camera for LOTS of different things. I think Amazon/Blink had that figured out long time ago. The big box hardware stores are fine examples of it now also. Sub 100 full wireless cameras are everywhere.

Side note: I’m kidless and kinda heartless (due to that bi-polar disability thing) so my knowledge of baby monitors is zip. Although having a baby monitor to detect crying pissing and moaning would have came in handy some days back in my sales and service tech days.

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