Keep getting notification to say arm & disarm failed but they havent

I have a schedule set and at these times I’m now getting a notification on my iPhone, but it always says “arm failed” and “disarm failed” but when I check they are armed and disarmed ok…

I’ve restarted phone but the same notifications every day state incorrect info.

Any help please, used to work fine until about a week ago

Maybe try removing the schedule and then recreating it? Or delete it, wait a little while and then recreate it?

In addition to what @marktheknife suggested you might try deleting and reinstalling the app. Good luck.

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Well left this for a while, started getting successful arm and disarms without doing anything.

Now however I’m getting the same, saying arm failed, yet it is triggering and recording during this “failed” period. Also says disarm failed yet doesn’t…

Must be something on Blink side as didn’t do anything and worked for a bit…

I doubt it’s on the Blink side as you seem to be the only one (at least as far as the forum goes) with this problem. At the very least you might want to try some of the suggestions Mark and I gave you, or you could open up a support ticket. Good luck.

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Not so, I regularly get the armed/disarmed fail notification.
But, I choose to ignore it because the scheduled action is being completed.

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Hello @MrL,

My name is Adam from the Blink Technical Support Team. I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting this error message. This message will occur when your Sync Module isn’t able to send the arm/disarm command to one or more of your cameras. Basically, when you arm/disarm your system, your Sync Module sends a message to each one of your cameras telling it what to do. If one camera doesn’t respond back saying it received the message, then it will send that error message, even though in the app, everything looked successful.

In this case, there are two things that you want to check to resolve the problem. First, check each one of your camera’s signal strength, both Camera to WiFi and Camera to Sync Module. You want to make sure that each one of your cameras has at least 3 bars of signal strength. If it’s less than 3 bars, there’s a chance of either constant or intermittent failures.

If you find that one of your cameras has less than 3 bars, either move your Sync Module closer to the camera, or move your camera closer to your Sync Module.

If all of your cameras have 3 bars of signal strength for both Camera to WiFi and Camera to Sync Module, it could be a power related issue. In that case, I’d test other commands, like Live View, just to make sure that the cameras otherwise functions properly.

If you still experience issues after verifying those two things, please submit a support ticket at You can also feel free to give us a call at (781) 332-5465.



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Hi Adam thanks for response.

The cameras are arming and disarming though definitely as I get recorded video through night and stops before I’m up, so know they’ve disarmed.

All levels be views work for me all the time.

I’ll check the signals tonight though, nothing been moved since got the errors, then corrected, then errors again though.


Thanks for the update, @MrL. Based on that, power shouldn’t be an issue. My best guess is that the signal strength for Camera to Sync Module is low on one camera, which can definitely cause intermittent errors. Check that out and let me know. If you don’t know how to check it, you just need to go into the camera settings on each one of your cameras, and signal strength is all the way at the bottom.


I am getting the same error message on ARM and DISARM failure, but the system is working OK.
I have 5 cameras. If the error is coming from the failure of one camera, then the error message should report which camera is failing.
Get a better ERROR MESSAGE!