Keep getting "Live View Failed" and other errors

Got a Blink Mini camera the other day.

So far my success rate of getting any feed from the camera via Android Blink app has very low.
Every now and then I get “Live View Failed”, “Camera Is Busy”, “Video Stopped Unexpectedly”, “Camera Failed To Update” and those kind of messages.

I noticed that power cycling helps, so I have plugged the power supply into the smart socket, so that I can trigger the power cycle remotely.

So far my experience with Blink Mini has been very frustrating, and I will probably be returning it.

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You may have WiFi issues. Test by temporarily moving the camera closer to the router, and report back.

the camera is literally within the line of sight from the router (latest generation Apple Time Capsule), 3 meters apart. Neither of my other devices have any issues with the 2.4 ghz network managed by Time capsule

Bad camera?

to many devices on the 2.4Ghz system. The Blink is a 2.4 only. Switch other devices to 5 Ghz system

Couldnt have said it better peeping tom