Just one XT2 won't connect

I have 3 existing XT2’s connected to my home. I recently purchased 2 additional ones. The first camera connected first try, no issues, The second one I have been fighting with for a few days now.

I’ve tried:

  1. taking the batteries out and putting them back in after 10-30 seconds multiple times.
  2. resetting the sync module
  3. reset the router and modem
  4. i’ve even tried syncing it on an Android device AND an iPhone device.
  5. I’ve tried removing the batteries completely, and powering the device by USB power.
  6. connecting the camera right next to the sync module and modem/router.

None of the above works. Is it a camera issue?

Lucky #7
Put a mask on it, take it thru a fast food drive thru, keep it 6 feet away from other electronics.

That answer is as crazy as anybody here knowing for sure if your camera is dead. Tech support = the answer you’re looking for as well as warranty replace authorization. Unless you went cheap ■■■ and bought a used cameras.

I’m not being sarcastic, I am genuinely confused, I thought this was a tech support forum. If not, I will try to reach out through their customer support.

The camera is brand new, sold through Amazon.

It sounds as if you received a faulty camera. I recommend returning it to Amazon as soon as possible.

Thanks Jerry, will do. Was hoping to avoid going to the post office with everything going on, in case there was some other trick that I hadn’t thought of. Cheers.

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This is owners helping out other owners. It’s not officiall Blink tech support. It’s why it’s called community forum.

This is a true statement, but it is a troubleshooting and support forum.
People that ask questions here expect and deserve to receive informed answers from Blink users without being mocked.
I actually enjoy reading some of your answers as they can be quite entertaining, but a new poster here, who is frustrated with their problem, probably finds them to be upsetting.

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I quit trying to make everybody happy about 15 years ago.

In supplying tech support answers for free, you get what you pay for. As you’re volunteering you time, remember to actually know your subject matter and supply correct answers. Wrong answers and guess answers will drive newbies as well as experienced users into alcohol abuse.

Actually I’ve learned a lot here from you, Chris, Ron, Suttyblink, and other experienced posters.
Occasionally when I feel comfortable answering a question I like to jump in and offer my knowledge on the subject in question.
It’s my way saying thanks to the forum for the guidance it has offered me.
I hope you’ve had a chance to try out the new Blink features on the Alexa app.
They were long overdue.

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I have the same issue. Blink does not have good support. They say it’s my network, if I do anything to my network, I lose connection to all other devices. I’m on my 3rd module as of today. I briefly had everything connected, working as designed, then all 3 go offline. That’s one outside, 2 wireless minis. My wifi is good,module, module reset numerous times, modem/module in the same room 5ft apart. Good luck.