Judge stops sale of Ring Protect home security systems

I don’t know the timeline for Blink’s seecurity system. If it’s close, this could work in Blink’s favor possibly. @nick_at_blink

Thanks for pointing this out @RightHand! I believe it is slated to be around the new year, but not sure on exact date yet. I will keep you updated!

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ring and ADT have settled the lawsuit. The “ring alarm” as it’s now called will begin shipping again around march/spring.

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I would think Blink definitely has more funding now, so hopefully we get the “Seecurity” products soon.

I’m sure the sensors will use a proprietary protocol. Personally I would not make use of it, already being a SmartThings user and already having various sensors. Any chance of the sensors being Zigbee or Z-Wave? @nick_at_blink

All, there is a strict policy at Amazon about providing roadmap statements, we cannot.



Ring opened pre order of their home alarm today, with reports of it already being at some Home Depot’s waiting to get the go ahead to sell. I was really trying to hold out for blinks home alarm but now it’s gone off blinks website.

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So, has Blinks Home Alarm been quietly withdrawn or is it been revamped ?

If the panic alarm has already been discontinued, surely an alternative siren would be required for a home system.

You never know, Blink could surprise everyone and go for a multi launch of doorbell and home system.

Hi @Bingstroller,

In terms of the Seecurity System… our team has decided to focus most of our time and effort into pursuing and perfecting the doorbell and other projects outside of the Blink Seecurity System. We will be sure to update all of you when we have more information!

In videos taken at CES, there was an outdoor siren that was ostensibly a component of the seecurity system.

Ever since the doorbell was announced in December, they’ve gone basically silent re: plans for the seecurity system.

I don’t think anyone know what they’re doing with it.