Jamming devices wrecking havoc on my cameras

I have also experienced a problem with shady neighbors using a jamming device on my blink cameras. Less than a month after installing my Blink XT the neighbor started jamming the signal. Initially when the problem started I didn’t make an issue of it, but it was apparent that something was being used to jam the signal.

Before you ask how I know… I installed a smart light outside and the light was constantly going offline. Then I noticed a trend: when I was in my front rooms – either the kitchen or bedroom and was using a wifi based device, those devices would lose their wifi signals – Fire Tablet, Smart TV, Laptop, inside camera and smart light all lost their wifi signal when the neighbor walks pass my condo.

Five months later the videos were distorted or it appeared as though a flash went off during the video. The videos were so badly distorted that you could barely make out the person. In January 2020, the same neighbor and now a girlfriend are going jam happy on that camera to the point that it could barely maintain a wifi connection. Blink’s tech support connected to my system everything appeared fine. After I sent them a few videos, they replaced that camera. I installed 2 Blink XT2 cameras in October and those were fine until the week of February 24th! The neighbors upped their jamming game a few weeks ago and whatever they’re using completely took the XT offline and jammed the XT2 positioned nearest to the XT. The XT2 appeared to be online and operating fine, until I noticed that it hadn’t detected live motion for hours. I called tech support and asked if they could tell me when the live motion stopped… It was at the same time that the 3rd Blink recorded my neighbor passing my condo. During the week of March 2nd it happened again. Fortunately, the XT and 3rd Blink was able to record the neighbors girlfriend, but the 2nd Blink XT2 was jammed and no longer able to record live motion. Again, I called tech support and was told the camera detected motion but was unable to record due to some type of interference. The jamming is not the primary issue for me. The constant use of the jamming devices damages the cameras. Also, when the camera goes offline, the only solution is to remove the batteries and put back in, but what happens if you’re on vacation… The cameras remain offline.

On February 3rd, I installed the xFi offered through xFinity that has a monitoring system that detects outside attacks. Within 2 days, there were 6 hacking attempts made to a different security camera – not a Blink camera. I have to speak with xFinity to see why their systems aren’t recording the attempts on the Blink cameras.

BTW, I live in FL and noticed that someone posted about a similar problem a year ago. Either FL has the craftiest crooks or the dumbest ones. Jamming devices are illegal in FL, however, when I spoke with my local police I was told that my neighbor has as much right to own and use a jamming device as I do to own security cameras… Camera mic dropped!

I’m from the UK not the US, but I’m almost 100% sure that deliberately jamming radio signals is not just against the law, but that it’s a really serious offence. If they think they are in trouble for a bit of petty theft, if they actually get caught, it can be proved, with good evidence etc, they are going to be in some serious strife. Local police were wrong.

Even how to file a complaint is listed there.

I filed a complaint with the FCC on October 22nd. Have heard nothing back. I filed an additional complaint after an incident involving the neighbor.

On 01/14/20, I received a call at 5:45 am from the NY/NJ Port Authority (not a real call, but the actual NY/NJ Port Authority phone number appeared on caller id)
5:46 Received a text message about the World Trade Center
At 5:48 my neighbor walks pass my condo and a camera is jammed
5:48 the Blink XT records a badly distorted video of the neighbor, but another camera records a clear video of him.
At 6:20 am I received another call from NY/NJ Port Authority
6:22 am receive a text message about the World Trade Center
6:23 camera is jammed. Neighbor has pass my condo walking towards his car
6:24 video records neighbor getting in car, driving away
6:45 am Received yet another call from a completely different number letting me know that everything is back to normal a the World Trade Center… REALLY!

I became aware of this foolishness at about 7:30 am. My phone didn’t ring or alert me of the messages because this was not the first time I’ve received the calls and messages, therefore they were blocked. I started receiving those calls and messages more than a year ago and had no idea who was sending them… I do now. This guy used all of his best tools that morning. I’m not waiting for the FCC to respond. I filed a complaint with the Florida Cyber crime unit and the FBI. He actually spoofed the REAL phone number for the NY/NJ Port Authority!


You can download caller ID spoofing software for your phone. It’s free and very easy to use.

Regarding jamming wifi, install a wired camera and keep recording that neighbor. You have a neighbor that is obviously harassing you. If you know who it is, file a HRO civil case with your local courthouse. With all the video evidence you have, your civil case should be an easy win.

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I plan to file charges against the neighbor. I didn’t want to be one of those neighbors that had the police out for every little thing…I am moving at the end of the month, so let the games begin! The jamming of the wifi will stop, of course, but knowing this guy’s temperament the calls will continue.

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Im having the same issue woth my cameras being jammed

Do you guys have any videos of the interference/jamming?

Yes, I have videos of the attempted jams. How do I upload those videos?

Easiest way is probably YouTube.

I’m reluctant to post their videos on YouTube or Facebook for fear of a lawsuit. Also, I don’t want them to know what effect the jamming devices have on the cameras. For the past 10 months, it’s been hit or miss with the cameras.

Your videos on your YouTube channel have privacy settings that you control. Set the videos to something other than public. Or set them to private and instead of posting them here in this forum, do an invite only and send link to video to only specific people.

Hi, I’m new to the forum and have issues with my neighbors jamming my cameras. How do you get the video of it or the proof? My cameras went down on Monday 5.26 for a few minutes while they did some damage on my property. He admitted it to the cops then made a comment like “I’m sure your cameras caught it” which makes me think he jammed them. But it also jammed my ADT cameras. Wondering how to prove it.

Jammers jam. You need to camp out a few nights with your trusty digital camera. Or, hide a trail cam in a tree.

Im still skeptical of all the people coming here saying their cams were “jammed”. I don’t see it on Wyze or Ring pages.

I agree, but it’s hard to talk them out of it.

I spoke with Blink’s tech support on several occasions, TS was able to identify dates and times when an interference occurred between the wifi and blink cameras. I asked if they could send me the report and was told it was against company policy since the database is their intellectual property. A TS manager asked for the videos from my other Blink cameras and the time/date stamp coincided with the disruption.

With that said, people only know as much as they know and if they have never experienced it happening to their cameras, they know absolutely nothing about this topic. As for proof that it happened, all proof has been submitted to the FCC and FTC.

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I don’t know if it’s even possible but it’s access to you’re intellectual property and you can request time stamps . It’s not like you’re requesting the source code . If not the right to know act can’t be filled and your good . But you’re really over doing it with this neighbor and over aggressive with a nuisance . Because what it is actually a nuisance . What I really don’t understand is what actually is the purpose . Like do you owe him money . Is he testing an app you’re the beta , I feel for a complaint to have any form of punishment it should have a purpose of pursuance . Sadly this is SO COMMON AND NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

I live in a condo and have a problem with a neighbor tapping on outer doors or windows in the middle of the night. My cameras appear to be working ok EXCEPT unable to capture video of anyone making the noise.
It is NOT birds or wildlife!

I think this harasser has a way of turning my wifi or router off/on at will. Just guessing. I am far from expert.
This has happened many times.

A trail/game camera would give you the answer.


Saw this and took a screen shot of my android…yet I open the Blink app there are no video’s waiting to be seen?