Issue after changing batteries

So I got a low battery notification from one of my cameras. So I did the smart thing and replaced the batteries in the camera. Thus is where the trouble starts. It initially does not connect back to the system and continually tells me that the camera is busy when I try to live view or take a snapshot. So my thought was that I will just delete the camera and then add it back to the system. Oh there was my next mistake. It now tells me the camera can not connect to the cloud server. And before anyone says it yes I have tried while literally having the sync module and camera with in 12 inches of my WiFi.

Anyone have this issue and how did you resolve it?

I’ve never had the issue, all my battery changes have gone smoothly, but might I suggest taking the batteries out of the camera, and leaving them for a couple of minutes, before reinstalling them. I doubt it will help, but it’s worth a try.

Also, to be sure, measure the replacement batteries with a meter. If they are brand new lithium ultra, they should measure somewhere around 1.7V each. It’s unlikely but not impossible to have gotten a bad one.

If you don’t have a meter, try a further brand new set of batteries, it makes for a cheap enough confirmation, and if that fails call support.

Good luck.

HI Mike, Yes I have the same issue I have two cameras that have failed in the same way that you describe and cant re-install them. I am hoping that there is a simple fix out there or I will have to consider dumping the system as you cant replace cameras every time that you need to replace batteries!

I have exactly the same issue, seems to be a common problem - anyone got an answer?

Well my suggestion is to contact customer support. They ran me through a few things to rules out human error, network error but in the end I did everything right and my network was not the issue. They have sent me a replacement camera as it seems to be the camera that is the issue. Don’t know if it was hardware or software but it just would not connect back to the system.

They did take my issue seriously and worked fast to determine the issue and then correct it.

Same issue here. I have spent literally weeks emaing back and forth with useless Blink support engineers who are now getting me to try and switch on WiFi on my Internet router when I’ve explained I have that deliberately switched off as my router is hardwired to a switch which has Ubiquiti APs hanging off it. They keep insisting I have to test the wifi on my router. I’ve lost the will to live at this point…

Seems reasonable. Test it in a simple uncomplicated environment, and if the system works then, they will have additional information to indicate that there is a specific issue with the type of AP you are using.

It could be that your camera is fine, and sending you a new one is a complete waste of time, since it will still behave the same. If the issue is specifically with the type of APs you are using, and your camera’s inability to reconnect after a battery change, maybe the APs have had an upgrade since you first connected the Blink system.

Doing as they ask will help both you and them, along with others, who may call with the same issue.

I don’t know, if it were me, I’d just do it, so that I could regain ‘the will to live’. At least then, you could continue your, weeks long, discussion with, “Yes, I’ve tried that, and there was no change, the camera still won’t connect.”

Who knows, maybe it will.

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I needed new batteries so I purchased some but the camera wouldn’t work. I kept messing with it but still wouldn’t connect. I have a 5v power supply which is why the port is on the back so I plugged it in and at first it wouldn’t connect but then suddenly it did connect. I tried the old batteries because they still worked last time it was used but wouldn’t connect. I had some regular AA batteries and it finally connected. I had to get an eye loupe out to see the writing on the new batteries but they are 3.7V, not 1.5V.