Is Your Customer Service Serious?

I have been going back and forth with Blink customer service for over a week now with some issues regarding the XT system I just bought a couple of months ago.

In addition to having me repeat the same troubleshooting steps over and over was this quote which through me through a loop:

"I check your 10 cameras and this were the reasons why some of the clips will only record 30 seconds because other cameras or most of the cameras that you have are set to 60 seconds. Please do change the setting for the clip. And the other cameras has the very least that has mention above are very low kindly set all your camera to 7 for the sensitivity. "

Are you serious? Do all cameras have to be on the same record length? Even though that some of the ones she mentioned aren’t even on the same sync module? The sensitivity has to be sett all the way up? Onnall the cameras?

The issue I am having is that two of the three CT Cameras won’t record fully all the time even with Stoo Recording When Motuon Stops is off. Sometimes the cameras only record for a few seconds, sometimes even under a second or the clip can’t be played… sometimes can’t even view in live view… Reception is full on both to the Sync and Wifi…

Call their number directly.

I will if it continues… as for now she back-tracked on her statement…

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Not to mention the grammar and punctuation in that response is awful (if that’s in fact a direct quote from them).

I wonder if their email customer support was merged with an amazon center in another country?

Has been for a while. I gave up ever emailing them for tech support. The grammar, and they seemed like they didn’t understand the system they were trying to troubleshoot.


Sent DM to UltraVegas.

As to Email, it’s not the preferred contact method to use as we get very little information in the email. Best options are via In the app tapping on “Call Technical Support” button or from our website by submitting a ticket.

I’ll eventually shut down the email channel as it’s not a very helpful channel.



That is a copy and paste of the exact message sent to me…

Thanks @Bob_at_Blink it is hard for me to get on the phone sometimes as I work 12 hour shifts sometimes 5 to 6 days a week. I have sometime off coming up later this week and will call then if not resolved.

I also tend to find when on the phone sometimes things are sometimes hard to explain or get confused compared to being able to write it down in a format… but I do recognize that sometimes that happens an emails…

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Also she told me that it is not recommended to have batteries in while connected to USB everyday? I remember not to long ago someone from Blink told me opposite… as the batteries would act as a backup in case of power outage and that when connected to USB power, connection to the batteries is blocked (or something of the sorts)…

Hi @Bob_at_Blink,

@UltraVegas has a point, there should be an e-chat available via the Blink app. So an average user can just type the issue with a live support tech. This way the tech can also get access to live logs from the Blink app during the live chat session. That’s how I do it with my users in the office.


Hey @lmosenko,

I do agree that, that would be a great addition to our app! I’m not sure if this will be pursued in the future, but it definitely would be a helpful addition.

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