Is there an anti theft mount that fits the All New outdoor camera

The all new outdoor camera is a few mm bigger than the XT2 and the Antony theft mount from Holaca will not fit. Any suggestions for an alternative please?

That should read Anti theft not Anthony theft

If it exists, it’s on Amazon. Your ability to search and find it would be the same as mine. It’s not if it will be available but when. When seems to be 6 months to a year after Blink releases a new model that the 3rd party goodies are available.

This chain design I like but it’s not available yet for Blink’s newest outdoor camera. If your handy, making your own retention chain untill a commercial product is available might be a path to a solution you want to do.

Thanks for that Joel I already had an XT2 and then bought a second camera which was the All New Outdoor Camera. I then bought the anti-theft mount (same as the one for the XT2) but upon fitting, I discovered they’d changed the exterior size of the camera…doh. That was refunded from Amazon. I agree the time taken to produce an upgraded mount is probably as you say. I’m reasonably ok with the All new one being mounted without the Anti-theft mount for now as it’s in a reasonable secure rear garden location.

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Be advised the silicoln skin covers wont work either. The location of the IR night vision LED has changed. XT-2 cover on new outdoor camera = no night vision.

When you do whatever your going to do with anti theft, keep in mind the new outdoor camera can host an expandable battery pack.

The XT-2 does not support working with the new sync module 2 for offline video storage to usb thumb drive. That thumb drive is a once only per day backup gig. You can’t backup anytime you feel like it however. .

Blink is making planned obsolescence not backwards compatibility in it’s new camera designs. Want the new features benefits, you have pay up for new camera, new sync module. Part of this is physical change to body, sensors/lens locations, and mount style. All of it to drive Blink sales and 3rd party gizmos sales THRU AMAZON. Once a profit pig always a profit pig.