Is there a way to retreat a deleted clip?

I deleted some clips by accident. Is there a way to retreat them back?

Hi Mark,

I was able to restore several video clips that recorded during the time-frame you provided. When you can, please check the clip roll in your Blink app to ensure you see these. I also sent you a response in the case you opened with support.

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Hi, I also deleted a video clip yesterday that I need . Can you help retreat it ?

No, but you can by reading this thread.

I sent an email to customer support hoping they can help. The link above does not work .

Yup the link above is old and dead. Actually, there are a lot of dead links all over the place. Both on Blink websites AND in the mobile app.

How to contact Blink via phone or email is in your mobile app. Be advised reports over last few months of Blink not responding to email nor phone calls. Could be shutdown for pandemic reasons. Could be Blink got defunded by Amazon.

Question! Why when my cámara is recording but its blank white and try to see the video it won’t let you see the recoding!. And it dose that soooo often! Any help? Please see picture.

You cant watch a video in progress unless you have turned on early notification.

No, it’s videos that have been recorded and your just going threw your list of videos to delete but I see a lot of blank videos and I just click on it to watch them but it won’t start.

Do you have a partner with access to your system? If so, maybe they already deleted them? Next time you see some, sign out, and then back in, and see if they disappear. If they do, you know it’s a sync issue between you and your partners phone and they have already deleted them. Otherwise I have no other suggestions.

Just contacted support through this link they say they can’t recover videos after it’s deleted.

Maybe they no longer offer the service, but they have done it many times in the past for many different people.

Note this post is made by the director of customer services. He is in charge of whoever you spoke to.

Welcome to the forums! That is not true. Try again until you get someone who knows what they’re doing. Let us know how you make out.

I’ve just had this reply from customer support saying they are now deleted and not retrieveable.

Confirmed from support:

“ As of Jan 23, 2021, every file that used to be restorable under the old rules will be deleted. We are unable to restore any clips as all clip deletions, whether in-app or auto-purged, are final and nonrestorable.”

Yeah, I received the same NOPE reply. Smh. I also told them on the initial request that there should be a CONFIRM DELETE popup. I’m angry…

Hiiii! I would like to know if you can restore some of my videos as well?

Never ever rely on cloud software as your only source for a file. That’s like never ever backing up your computer. It works great, until it doesn’t. That doesn’t work event is just a matter of time. The various version of ransomware virus will really screw ya over.

A couple years ago Blink tech support could retrieve deleted videos for you. That’s no longer the case. If I recall correctly, when free cloud moved from 2 year to 60 days max, the retrieve deleted video support also changed. When a product becomes so popular, companies like to play the pay more get less profit game. Pay for cloud storage is that new profit game for Blink.

If you have an important video, use the share function in the mobile app so you have a backup copy of it. Backup your important video clips, delete the unimportant ones. The rest of those videos of so so importance, it’s your choice to spend the time to back them up or not.