Is there a way to read your Blink camera serial numbers ONLINE?

Is there a way to read your Blink camera serial numbers ONLINE? I really don’t want to get the ladder out, climb up (Sr. Citizen), remove the camera just to pop the back and physically read it. If not, you REALLY need to add this feature to the APP. It might help keep you out of a lawsuit someday. You know, some people will sue over the most minuscule things!

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this at the present time. As a senior citizen myself I certainly commiserate with you. What I did was to add the serial number after the camera name (Patio 123-456-789) or one could keep a list. As far as a lawsuit, I’m not sure lack of planning on a users part would be negligence on Blink’s part. But hey, I’m no lawyer! LOL

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Maybe support can see the SNs. Worth logging a ticket to find out, I should think.

I have just added this information to Bling viewer (open source). You can read more information at:


Hi @Lynster! @suttyblink is correct! If you log a ticket with our Technical Support team and are able to provide other account information to prove account ownership, they should be able to provide you with the serial numbers that you request. @ronsec is right as well, many of our users include the serial numbers in their camera names, which may help you keep track a little easier going forward!


Blink Technical Support

Thanks all for your replies and answers… (“ronsec”… I’m not the litigious type, but you know there those out there that’ll bring a frivolous lawsuit at the drop of a hat) … and I just hate climbing ladders anymore. All replies were helpful. It appears I can Log a ticket and get this, OR, “lurume84” indicates he has added this to his BLING viewer. I’m gonna download that in the next few minutes and give a shot tonight.
It was a brain-fart moment… I get all the cameras up and realized… “Doh! Which S/N did I put where?” I will be updating my camera names as I retrieve these S/N’s

I logged a ticket the other night, but haven’t had the chance to troubleshoot more per Blink’s Tech Support. (more ladder climbing… groan!) The weirdest thing on a new camera I just installed in our Home office. If I watch “live” video, an audio feedback begins and builds in intensity to an ear splitting level… drives the pets wonkers! I have to disable audio on that camera to view Live video. Very strange.

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How near to the camera are you? Is it an open plan area? Are you in the same room? The microphones are very sensitive, indeed I’m surprised at what I can hear, when people cause a recording to be triggered. As such, if the audio is high on your device, I’m not surprised that if you are near, that you’ll get feedback.

Oh, and by the way, I can confirm that the serial numbers can now be seen in lurume84’s desktop app.

Hi suttyblink, thanks for the reply and that would seem to make sense… but for one thing. Have you ever noticed a delay between the actual scene and what you can see on your phone app? It’s notable. And it would seem that this should eliminate any feedback issues.

Yes, I’ve noted the delay, and understand your point, but perhaps that would only slow the incremental rise of the feedback loop. If there is a two second delay, then what it hears from your phone will be played back two seconds later, and then again and again, each section with a two second delay. If it were instantaneous, you would get almost instant feedback, at full intensity. With a two second delay, it should rise more slowly, but the camera still hears what the app on your device outputs, and plays it that back, after 2 seconds, and so on.

Indeed, out of curiosity, I just tested this, and it take almost the full 30 seconds to reach peak amplitude. The delay is a little under 2 seconds, in my particular case.

OK… that makes sense and why the feedback is a gradual rise instead of instantaneous.

@lurume84 Thank you! You saved me from a big of hassle of having to climb a ladder, unscrew the (third party) housing of the camera, get the camera out, get the serial number, screw the housing back, re-set it on its bracket and spend several minutes adjusting the view of the camera.

Why Blink forces you to use the serial number when you want to make changes (like changing the Wi-FI password) in an existing system is beyond me.

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Happy to help!! :wink:

I thought about this, so I set up a mote file in my phone and recorded every serial number at the time of installation. It DOES come in handy!