Is there a way to open the APP and have all camera open in live view on Multi-Screen

i want to simply open the app and have all camers on one screen and open to live view…it seems outdate to be forced to open each one and see one at a time , too many steps for such a new era in technology…My swann link camers have 10Xs the options. This is a bit disappointing…

is there a way to do this?


There is not. Blink is the way it is for battery saving.

very outdated having to open an app then click an icon for each camera and close…


Very battery saving.

I realize that but let the consumer decide to use that as an option and worry about battery cost…:slight_smile:


Sure, I suppose.

But I don’t know of any other completely wireless camera systems that offer that feature, so it appears the desire isn’t really there - or the thought of monthly battery changes is a big enough trade off for people to just buy a CCTV system.

I’m not upset my Silverado doesn’t drive like a Corvette. They aren’t built to do so. Niether is blink.

I agree that this would be nice. At least a still photo. Blink allows several features that aren’t good for battery life, and it gives the user plenty of warning. I assume this would be the same, which would be fine.

Don’t use batteries. Plug into wall outlet if available and you can open multiple cams at once.

Yes I would also like to view all the cameras on a split screen. Is this a possible future update?

Im sure we speak for many blink customers in saying the option to view multiple cameras on one screen would be much more useful than having to go to each camera to view. I dont like that, lets say, an intruder could be in one location of my home but I am viewing a different camera. Whats the use of having a system that doesn’t monitor efficiently? Hopefully this can be fixed. As a consumer, my guess is that this will be a deal breaker for others looking to purchase these types of cameras.

Blink is a good easy to use basic system. It was bought up by Amazon who also owns Ring. Amazon it seems wants to keep Blink cheaper with fewer features than Ring or other brands becaues they seldom do updates for Blink. Blink users have requested for years more features and it almost NEVER happens. If you want to veiw all cams at the same time you’ll need to move on to a different brand that supports this and also PC, NVR capable. Other brands have person vehicle detection, much higher resolution, 24/7 recording, built in siren, built in lights, etc.

Blink has known for years the activity zones don’t work well and they haven’t fixed it. Many have complained about the battery status “OK” which doesn’t help when batteries get too low to operate the camera but the app still say’s “OK.” All other brands I know of show a percentage of battery charge, much more accurate yet Blink won’t change the OK.

It’a wise to learn about brands and what their cameras can do before buying. Watch Youtube reviews, read reviews online, etc.

How the hell would you view all of your cameras at once on a mobile app running on a mobile phone. OOOOOH you want to use a bigger screen and a desktop app. Got to pay up and buy Ring instead of Blink. Remember, you bought Blink because it was cheaper then the other brands you considered.