Is there a FireTV, PC or web app coming?

It would be nice to be able to bring up all cameras on the TV, PC, Phone or amazon device. Any chance that is in development?

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Blink… any update or acknowledgement on this please.

I am using Bluestacks on Windows PC. This is an Android immulation app and you can get Blink Cloud app within the Bluestacks. You can watch live view, recorded video and can get notification without any problem. You don’t have to play with your phone all day.
I am using one camera on parking wall with Gorilla tape(very strong enough double sided tape) ,this camera for notification and recording incident, another camera on the dash . This camera doesn’t work notification because of window shield but able to see live view nicely. I also have Thinware u1000 so I can have same video any way. and T Mobile’s Mobile Hotspot device in the car. It works perfect.

I too have been using Windows BlueStacks Android emulation. Not quite as smooth as using Android device, but it works. Rather slow on my new 10th Gen i7 PC.

Looking forward to new Hub with SD card memory.

If you have multiple Hubs, you can set each for different Alarm time.

Good Luck