Is tech support really trying to help?

I ask because after submitting a support request, I have done what was first requested of me & then submitted a detailed report of the problem & the steps that I performed to troubleshoot & the results. The response from tech support was to ask me questions that I have answered & requested that I perform exactly what I described having done. Then they referred to the wrong camera in my account & said that it shows that it’s battery is low. I had made it clear which camera I was having issues with. He asked what type batteries I am using when I had specifically said I was using Ultimate Lithium batteries. I don’t think that Kevin B. is even reading my emails. Very frustrating!

I have noticed that you can tell them what is wrong with the camera and what you have done to try and fix it and then you get an email asking what camera it is and what you have done to try and fix it.I just wonder if they read the e mails and as we purchased these cameras to protect our homes they could show a bit more urgency :roll_eyes:

After my last email to support tech indicating that the info he asked for was already made available, I think he has become more attentive.

I’ve had this exact same scenario on none fault type questions. I ask an in depth question that can only be answered by a real tech, probably a design engineer, and they have always been happy to help, on some really involved questions, some of which I was surprised that they shared the information. Sadly though, it always begins with them not even having read it, and replying with standard text, despite that I have said in the first mail that they will most likely need to escalate it.

Stock answers, practically referring you to the FAQs, then when you get back and complain, saying, I clearly asked for xyz, and you have replied with everything but, they then try to move it along the correct lines. Might be standard operating procedure, even if it is frustrating. Problem is, especially if they are very busy, sending stock answers, without reading, probably kills off 80% of all queries.

I think this is common across many support centres.

I had the same issue. I hate talking over the phone and it took forever the first time because I couldn’t understand the guy so I tried email. The exact same thing happened to me. I even sent screenshots with my emails and they still made me do it one at a time. Took several days of back and forth before they sent me a new one. Very frustrating and I’m already having issues again.

Does tech support ever read these forums? It’s been 3 days, no response. 3 days since I requested support via email. They brag on their products but they have no support!!!

The forums are not Blink tech support. These are user to user forums. If tech support is not answering your email, CALL them. I understand your (justifiable) frustration but more posts on the same problem is not going to get you the help you need any faster. Keep in mind its a holiday weekend so there may be less people working. Good luck.

Before the holiday they quit helping. Any response Before then was not clear. 2nd system with problems. They talk above my head, they are difficult to understand.