Is it possible to speak through/to the camera from Echo Show?

Is it possible to speak through/to the camera from Echo Show?

I can view my cameras from Echo Show and hear sound but have yet to discover how to speak through the camera from Echo Show as I can from the app. Is it possible to speak through/to the camera from Echo Show?

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Good question, have been trying to do it for a few days. Would love to know if it’s possible.

I’m having the same issue on my Echo Show 5. Can hear camera audio, but can’t speak to it. Works fine on the app.

Is there an answer for this issue? Why bother spending the extra money on another amazon product-echo show that only works half capacity? See video but unable to communicate. If there is an app to help resolve the eco show and blink audio issue, that would be very helpful.

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Same problem here. Can see the video perfectly on the Echo Show 5 and hear the audio clearly but cannot speak to the camera thru the Echo.

Is the Echo Show 5 even capable of two way audio? It would be great if someone from Blink could at least respond to this thread and confirm one way or another whether this is possible.

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Echo show 5 is definitely a new system.

@Bob_at_Blink, do we know if this issue is on Blink’s side or Amazon’s side?

It’s definitely capable. I have a Ring video doorbell and I can hold 2-way conversations over the Echo Show 5.

You need to use the Blink Smart Home app, not the older Alexa skill.

You can find the app here:

For set up instructions use this guide: Alexa Setup and Troubleshooting Guide


We know you can speak through the app. But it’s at all not unreasonable to also expect to do so through an Alexa smart display, which is often far more convenient. And when it takes so long to connect to live view no matter which way you do it, the last thing you want when you see someone on the Echo Show is to have to switch to the app in order to talk to them.


Yes, it’s very disappointing that “an amazon company” would have such poor integration into the Echo Show via the skill.

Especially since Amazon is pushing bundles including the Echo Show with the Blink camera packs. I just received mine, but unless the Echo Show experience is full featured, I’ll just send back the show.

There is only one Alexa Skill for Blink, there is no new or old one.

Your link is invalid: “ Whoops, that was unexpected. Sorry, but we couldn’t find that page you were looking for.
Let’s get you home, or use the search below to try and find what you need.”

Not surprised.

The first link still works. The second link was purely about Alexa, nothing specifically to do with Blink, and has obviously been moved by Amazon. So what, no big deal, you can find everything you want to know about Alexa with a quick search.

As for new and old, obviously they have now done away with the old, and there is only the new one, which works.

Has Blink ever resolved this? Seems like such an obvious feature that is missing

Just bought the XT2 and Echo show 5. I have the same problem. I did downloaded the Blink smart home app, but still the same. Does anyone had the problem fixed?

I have just installed an XT2 camera and echo show 5. I have tried everything and cannot get the echo to speak to the camera. Video is ok, camera microphone is ok. Link to my ipad works video and two way audio.
Echo Show 5 is one way audio only. Useless for me. Help

Just bought the echo show 5 and 8 as part of a blink camera package to use as baby monitors, has this been resolved yet? Not really fit for purpose if you can’t have 2 way audio through the shows.

Hello Amazon. Anybody home? You have folks pointing out a needed functionality and yet no response since very early in this chain (a response which really offers no solution). This should not be a hard skill to implement. We don’t always have our phones at hand but If we are in our homes with our echo devices wouldn’t it seem logical to use the device to respond to the visual from the Blink camera?

Is this enhancement coming or are you ignoring us?

Amazon is not listening here.

A true statement